Cloud storage for personal stuff (photos, documents etc)


Can confirm :wink:


Hey, I’ve caught up to you! Though, probably half of the quantity at twice the quality :wink: Mind you, I can guarantee that I have some things that you wouldn’t even be able to find :stuck_out_tongue:


Gonna be even smaller once I HEVC encode the entire library :slight_smile:


Wow, you guys really uses some space … :smile:
I guess I would, too, if I felt like storing all music and movies and ISOs and VM backups in the cloud … :wink:

Still, could save a bit and still have 10 TB for EUR 50/year at Hubic:
Anyone used this? :slight_smile:


Unfortunately hubiC is no more, not accepting new customers ( Also from what I recall from others chiming in, the speeds left much to be desired.


Haha, nice. Until HEVC is as universal as H264+AAC, I’ll be leaving it alone for the most part :stuck_out_tongue:


Main reason I’m doing it is because I’m moving everything locally to a home server. And with dual E5’s, space is more of a concern to me (64TB raw, 48TB w/ RAID6) than processing power to transcode the streams.


That will take a while…


It’ll probably take about < 3 months if done properly. I started re-encoding my library recently and was only limited due to GDrive’s 750GB/day limit.

That’s fair enough :slight_smile: I’ll be buying a few 12TB HDDs in the distant future to keep everything locally too. Right now though, thanks to GSuite, neither space nor bandwidth are a concern.


Love my nextcloud server! It depends if you mind someone else hosting your data or not. My nextcloud is on a 2Tb SyS ARM server and the sync (much improved) and mobile uploads all work for me


Google compresses the images. I’ll upload two images, one compressed and one at original quality in a bit.


Is there a price difference between Google Drive and Google One?
Unfortunately I can’t check the pricing as it’s not supported in my country yet


Google One halves the cost of consumer storage I believe. I don’t think it has any effect on GSuite.


You can waive that limitation if you are still in your 14 day trial (create a second account). Because in those 14 days you can create as many users as you want and you won’t be billed on them (that 750GB/day limit is per user). Then you can import all the files from the secondary account to the first one.


If I wanted to do that now, I would first need to move the data from the current account into these trial accounts…which would be impossible due to the origin account’s limitations. Plus, assuming that by import you mean upload, you would still be hit with limitations of the first account.

If you wanted to bypass the limitation, you should make use of multiple users over a team account. You’re only likely to hit the daily limit if you’re making attempting to download or process the entire account’s data at once, so overall none of this hassle is really worth it.


There is a button that lets you import other peoples documents into your gdrive. It doesn’t require you to upload. It requires 2 button presses. A bot that go through most of your links in a matters of minutes.


I’ll have to take your word for it as isn’t mentioned here, though it could be a newer implementation. I imagine it would take a while go go through my 60k+ files haha.

Regardless, it wouldn’t be beneficial for me personally anyway haha, cheers for the mention though!


It isn’t a feature meant to transfer all the files from one account to another. It’s a feature to add a single file from another user to your own account. If you automate the process you can quickly get 60k files :slight_smile:


I’m fairly certain that it doesn’t actually create a copy, rather a link (so to speak). It doesn’t take up space in your drive account, and “deleting it” just removes the link. If the original owner’s account gets deleted or the file(s) in question, they’ll be removed from everywhere. I could be wrong though :slight_smile:


I voted for Google.

Inasmuch as I do not want to involve big brother with my life’s worth of file archives, it includes old family photographs that I want my other family members to have access to even after I die, and I’m afraid that they might not be too keen on dealing with custom file archive setups.