Christmas Freebie - Hetzner Cloud


We’re giving new and old Hetzner Cloud customers a €5 Christmas voucher. Just go to and click on “Usage”. Then enter the code “XMASCLOUD” under “Credits” and “Redeem code”.

You can use the voucher for any Hetzner Cloud products, including the new Cloud Volumes.

New customers will be asked to first create an account on Hetzner Accounts. After the account is validated (which can take a full business day), you can access Hetzner Accounts, and from there enter the code on Cloud Console.

Make sure to enter the code before midnight (CET) on 21 December 2018 and to use the voucher by 31 January 2019.

Have fun! If you don’t mind, let me know what you’re going to use your voucher for. (As a member of the marketing team, I’m always curious about feedback like that.) --Katie, Marketing


Thanks for that Katie! I’ve just redeemed it :slight_smile: I’ll probably use it for further cluster development over the Christmas period.


Thanks Katie!! Will be going towards the CX11 server that I have deployed for Django webapp development. Cheers!


Thanks Katie! No idea what I will use it for yet. I have some idlers I need to put to use first. I’ll add it to my calendar to make sure I use it before the end of January.


Thanks, Katie! I plan on testing Hetzner cloud, seeing how popular it is in here : )


Thanks Katie!

Will use the voucher for my two instances (CX11 & CX21) running websites for a few of my customers. Moved from Linode & DO earlier this spring and I’ve never looked back! :slight_smile:


Super awesome! Thanks Katie @Hetzner_OL ! Redeemed. I’ll deploy in a week or 2 and update with my plans :sunglasses:


Just wanted to let @Hetzner_OL know I used the voucher to reduce my cloud payment. Nothing special :grin:


Thanks for all the feedback, guys! I really appreciate it! :grin: --Katie