Saw FB ad for appsumo, pulled trigger on ActiveChat at $49.


Sounds promising right?
My one worry now is that they accepted so many suggestions into their roadmap that I’m like… Are you serious?!


Might be, might also be throwing away money due to lack of supported channels. Suppose if they add more channels I may see the path to using it more clearly. I’m not terribly interested in stuff like FB messenger, prefer standalone chats that can be integrated into website.


Which they are promising for March.


Why! Why!? Now I’m thinking I’m going to need it in the future… but most probably don’t.



The builder and the integration with DialogFlow for NLP could make a decent setup.


Still thinking to press the button.

Got it :frowning:


And why aren’t you guys using my aff link?! :sob::sob::sob:


Good luck standing in front of my impulses on mobile :smiley:


Haha, Yeah I understand.
I have high hopes for AC. let’s wait and see.


Next time make it more clear :smiley:

I hope there is no next time. I’m not rich to spend money like this.


…then I bought 5 more codes after playing with it, which gives the unlimited MAUs and unlimited bots. Would have went in on it but I can’t share accounts, security/privacy stuff.


Oh lord.


You fk… A new feature is coming that will enable sub accounts. Also you can assign team members to bots.

I also stacked the 5 codes and was waiting for the feature to come up to surprise you guys with a free gift. But yeah you guys surprised me and bought it too. Damn it!

Edit. If you want to refund it, the offer is open. Same for @imok and everyone else. Even @vovler the innocence crusher.


Should be fun :slight_smile:


So I have to create 10 bots and enter the codes. And I should not delete the bots after that?


It’s weird at a certain point. The first code you create the account with, then other codes can be added individually to bots. But if you have 5 extra codes they can be entered if you click the account settings (top right) and the “AppSumo 5x” tab which unlocks unlimited everything.


I have had to enter the same code for every bot I have created (7 until now). I just have one code.


Oh interesting. Totally seems worth just buying the extra 5 and being done with it :smiley:


Hi guys , lov ya, but what about you guys join their Facebook group and pressure them to tackle the hosting industry? (Implementations with invoice systems)