Anyone here experienced with chatbots?

Yes, but you should be FAR more descriptive.

A lot, recently. I’m in the market. What are you looking to find? My low budget choice right now is Engati.


I have no particular requirement as of now. Just interested in what tools you guys are using. And why those.

@Munzy which is why I’m not being more descriptive.

These guys have a LTD promo running.
Agency plan for $295 one time for life.
Anyone wanna join me on this? we can split the cost so it’s not so much of a risk.

@Jarland @vovler @Miguel @Wolveix @MichaelCee seems like your kind of toy too.

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Interesting offering, though I’m not personally looking into anything like this right now. If you do end up getting it however, I would be interested to hear how you like it :slight_smile:

Been following them
The tool is great, but they are a startup thus why I’d like to split the costs.

I’m late to this game, comepanies like, SocialProve and other ran LTD in 2018, great products… darn it, afraid to loose this one (my very own FOMO).

Edit @Wolveix Take a look Trello

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I’m looking specifically for one that can do a POST/GET and define variables for use in the chat logic based on values returned from an external API. That’s been a bit of a limiting factor along the way. Also strong natural language processing to catch variations of phrases to trigger intents, or at least clear exposure of the failures and a short path to connecting those failed attempts to an intent for the next round.

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The only way to make sure is to ask them directly, but I beleive they cover those needs already.
The bot can make use of NLP’s (Dialogflow, and variables.

To me, the part that sucks is thay currently the livechat is based on FB Messenger, so I’ll need to wait for the LA integration of for them to launch their own livechat in March.

The Livechat is connected to a chatbot running in python.
It kinda works, but when people start flooding it with shit it response with that.

Do not expect magic.

Had a run with it. Looks cool.

Not sure if this is on-topic or not, but many years ago I built a Twitter bot that replied to tweets mentioning “over 9000” or “over nine thousand” with “WHAT, NINE THOUSAND?!”.

Someone even interviewed me about it ( which was pretty cool.

Unfortunately Twitter suspended it a few years ago :frowning:


Lol, wish twitter hadn’t suspended it.

Not interested. I’m already using a paid once alternative. I had to setup my own FB app, but at least I don’t need to pay $49/m (per website) + 2% revshare on abandoned carts.
Since I have the same website with 5 different subdomains so I can charge the customer in their currency, paying 49 * 5 is a big no no.

Also I’d rather pay someone to be online 24/7 than relying on AI chatbots.

You bastard, what are ya using?
…also this is a one time fee deal as well.

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The key isn’t replacing people, but expanding their productivity. If you get the same question on 25% of your chats, and a product change can’t address it, automating that query allows that person to then grow at least an extra 25% in workload before you have to hire someone else.


I think it helps with landing pages too. For the same reason.

It appears it replies with Hi when you send BLYAT.
Apparently people have tried to teach the bot russian.

I should reset it weekly, dang it.

Damn, that must be me.

We use which has a pretty nice Bot feature. Not a lot about it on their landing page, here’s a video/tutorial:

They have a great API too.

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