Calling All Home Server Owners -- What Do You Use Your Servers For?


Is reverse tunneling to the nearest VPS possible?


I haven’t tried that as I hate anything IPv6 related. How would I go about that?


What I was thinking is the VPS act as a VPN, then you can connect your home network to the VPN. When you join this VPN on your mobile devices, you can access your home network like local network.

Since your home network is the one actively joining the VPN network, you don’t need to have a static public IPv4 at your home.


Yup, that’s the way to do it.

Hak5 did a video on this awhile back:


Cool! Thanks :slight_smile: Will try when I’m back home!




I have the same system, just with dual E5-2630 v2, 128GB RAM and 4x 1TB SATA SSD. Idles at around 80 to 90W.
Be prepared that it’s loud.


I got this from a datacenter long ass ago, like in 2002. Used to run Fedora based cold backup server. It’s empty right now. I got 18U rack just for her.


I have this RPI3 rack, this count as a home server?

from up to bottom:

  • first RPI is running MotionEye.
  • second RPI is running Dnscrypt and Unifi software for managing a Switch and a Wireless AP.
  • third RPI is running another Dnscrypt server and Plex Media Server.
  • last RPI is running OpenMediaVault with a 2Tb HDD.


I have been looking to separate my lab/plex server from the Synology NAS and have that one strictly for work related stuff instead. Found a Supermicro server for sale locally that I picked up:

It’s a Supermicro 721TQ-250B chassi, X10SDV-6C-TLN4F motherboard with a Xeon D-1528 6c/12t processor, 32 GB RAM and 10 GbE. It’s really quiet and I still have room do add some hardware and drives which wasn’t possible with the Intel NUC.

My initial goal was to use Promox and run Plex and some other stuff as virtual machines, but then I tried Unraid and fell in love directly so now I’m looking to move the game servers, plex server (including library), Unifi NVR and Unifi Controller to the Supermicro server.

Is there anyone here running a Plex server in Unraid? Which of the available Plex Docker images is the best?


I’m pretty sure @Brendan uses unraid for his setup so maybe he can provide some guidance and tips.


I sure do. I use the linuxserver (Docker Hub) one. It gets the job done and allows you to select your version.


I don’t get the question?
Idling of course.


Awesome, i’ll try that one. Thanks! :+1:


Does Routers with 128mb ram count?


I guess so.


I win than! electricity is expensive. Can buy a hetzner cx11 for the year :smiley:


Looking for some hardware porn


Here’s my contribution on a couple home server builds –


So this is my “core” network at home at the moment.

Currently sitting at 37 clients… (and yes there is only two of us in the house and one of them is out :confused:)