Calling All Home Server Owners -- What Do You Use Your Servers For?


PM me if you need some help. I’m pulling in my bank balance to graph, for fuck sake :wink:

Friends! I love grafana, collectd, node_exporter, prometheus, et cetera - however I am missing something: my room temperature! How would I do this? I have a few Pi’s running in my room I could utilize, as well as an odroid c2. Any help appreciated!


Thanks Tom! Will definitely ask for your help next weekend if you are available!


Of course :+1:


I have the following running 24/7 in my home setup:

Intel NUC Kaby Lake 2.5" I5-7260U
Plex server
Lounge (IRC Web Client)
Unifi NVR for security cameras

Synology DS412+ NAS
Backing up a bunch of VPS:s daily
Movie library for the Plex server above
Music library for the Sonos setup at home

Raspberry Pi 3 #1
Unifi Controller
ADS-B receiver serving data for Flightradar24

Raspberry Pi 3 #2
Minecraft PE server for my kids.

The Plex server is a bit overkill I guess idling 23 hours a day, but since we’re using subtitles it has to Transcode everything when we are using it. The most important though is that the above setup is pretty quiet and not drawing too much power.


You can hook a TMP36 thermal sensor to a Pi (or arduino), they are cheap on aliexpress (1-2$) and you can find a lot of ressources online to set it up.


Hook up a thermal sensor to your Pi. Use collectd “exec” plugin in combination with some kind of script.

# /root/
while True:
    value = 123.4 # Value from your sensor
    print("PUTVAL \"hostname/plugin-instance/type-instance\" interval=10 N:" + value)

# /etc/collectd.conf
<Plugin exec>
        Exec "root:root" "/usr/bin/python" "/root/"

Something like this should work. I’ve done my power meter similarly.


I’ve just upgraded a couple of my pis to the pi b3+ with the PoE hat. So now I only have a network cable running to them behind the TV, I could have used WiFi and had a single power lead but meh.

With the two pi’s I freed up I’ve built a couple of magic mirrors one for my daughter and one for me!


I’ve kicked around that magic mirror idea a few times. Always interests me.
I have 2 old Dell core 2 duo boxes from my old empoyer. 1 is a straight up file server, nfs/cifs that feeds roms and documents to various PC’s around the house, and runs weechat in tmux. The other is a dns server and runs HomeAssistant and also holds the hidden disk with the pr0n. And the 3rd Dell hosts Plex, sabnzbd, rtorrent, and all the associated media.
I used to keep an RPI 1 as an ssh gateway into my network from the outside world, but I got sick of rewriting the sdcard every few weeks or months. The RPI 2 is a headless mpd client hooked to the surround sound, and the RPI 3 is an on-again, off-again retropi emulation station.


So I think the time has come to upgrade my Gen 8 Microserver to something a bit bigger…

At the moment I am looking at a DL360p Gen 8 (Dual Xeon E5-2620, 32Gb RAM, 2x 240Gb SSDs and 2x 4Tb SATA disk to start).

The big worry for me is the increase in power consumption… Any tips any other recommendations or manufacturers? I have used supermicro in the past but find their product line a little on the confusing side…


I really like Supermicro gear personally, haven’t found any of their stuff too confusing.

Only recommendation is to probably look for something that can be transplanted into a tower case, unless you have room in your garage or somewhere you don’t have to hear a 1U box.

I have my DL120 G7 in the storage room/closet off of my office, and that thing is noisy as fuck - can hear it through the door. Going to end up replacing it most likely.


It’s not the kit I find confusing it’s just their skus :rofl:


E5v2 would be X9, then you’d want dual socket so X9D, then I think the remaining characters apply to specific features/sizing, then the presence of -F at the end = board has IPMI.

Do a ctrl-f for ‘X9D’ on this page:

It shows the feature sets and form factors for each board.

Edit: something important to look out for on the X9 boards is number of SATA3 ports, so just take note of that… nvm, all only have 2 ports, lol. Which should be good for your situation with 2x SSDs, but will need a SATA PCIe card to add more.


RPi 3 B+ with local Plex server which I currently don’t use because I subscribed to Netflix again. Thinking what I could setup on my idle Pi Zero W. Retropi not really an option as I already have some similar asia console from AliExpress with all retro games etc


btw @Mason how is the retro console going for you? ;D You’ve been using it for a while now too eh?


RetroMini is still kicking. We really only use it when we travel, so only a dozen or so times. Would recommend it to whoever enjoys gameboy color/advance games :slight_smile:


I’m currently sitting at Madrid airport and have 2 hours to kill. Wish I had brought mine but forgot :frowning: Only use it in travels though, too. Otherwise I don’t have/take the time to sit down and use it. This was different to when I was a kid haha.


In the last year I’ve added 2 ‘home servers’. 1 is a FreeNAS box running off a cheap DL120 G7 I grabbed off craigslist for like $80 (E3-1240v1, 4GB Ram - bumped to 12GB), which is filled with 3TB Reds I had laying around and a 3TB IronWolf I got on sale.

I have a couple Pis, but only small box running right now is a NanoPi NEO2 which is just running OpenVPN & DDNS so I can get back into my home network while on the road. Although it started running pretty hot in the last month (it’s idling at like 47C and nothing changed, except OS upgrades).


My home rig.

Needs a bit of work, sometimes it just suddenly works for an hour without interruptions


I wish that’d work for me but I’ve got no own IPv4. Only IPv6. And my phone carrier doesn’t provide IPv6 so couldn’t use that on the road.


Dear god, man! I hope this is either a joke or you have some weird disorganized cabling fetish :stuck_out_tongue: