BuyVM Now Offers Free DirectAdmin License


Looks like BuyVM now includes a DirectAdmin license for free with their VPSes:

All KVM Dedicated Server Slice instances come with a complimentary DirectAdmin license bundled at no additional cost .

I used to use DirectAdmin at a free web host a long time ago… It was actually quite nice.

Thanks @Francisco!

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I was going to post it over here but i’m currently connected over a satlink so working on 700ms latency is…not great.



Apparently DirectAdmin is no longer the eyesore that it once was either. I used to consider it a slight upgrade from webmin. It’s looking good these days. UX matters :smiley:


Yeah the old DA was hard on the eyes for sure.



Well I found my VestaCP alternative then :slight_smile:


Always liked DA. Nice.


Cruise Ship?


He was the test pilot on this morning’s SpaceX crew launch.


Going for a monopoly in hosting services in Mars, heh?


Try GitHub - hestiacp/hestiacp: HestiaCP Control Panel hint hint


Added more value to the product. BuyVM is to be congratulated.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m happy with the product launch. I need to make a new WHMCS payment gateway to deal with “freebie services”, but past that not bad.

I’m going to nickname it “berniepay”.



Does anyone know how good DirectAdmin’s IPv6 support is? I’m considering trying it out on my BuyVM VPS in an LXC container, but I don’t have any free IPv4 addresses, so for testing purposes I’d only use a public IPv6 address.


Frantech corp is an evil black unicorn that seeks to conquer the world. You’ve been warned.

True story.



I’m in. #BERNIE2020


We’ve started developing a DirectAdmin integration per customers request and it seems like things are much better over there now. The guys are great and respond quick. They also provided us with dev licenses without an issue.

Congrats @Francisco !


I’m sure you wouldn’t give away any trade secrets @Francisco, but just how are you able to do it?! Obviously DirectAdmin isn’t as expensive as cPanel, but it isn’t free as well.


I sent Mark a signed towelfran and it was as good as done.

But seriously, I’m not giving any hints to my pricing or deals in this all, I see no reason to share that.



Yeah, I thought so! :smile:

I just remembered asking you just last November if you were offering in-house DirectAdmin licenses and you said no…and here we are!



This came about last month so I wasnt lying.

Hope you still have a need!