BuyVM Now Offers Free DirectAdmin License


Oh yes I do! :wink: I just can’t get over the fact that you’re offering this for free across all plans!

I believe you’re offering managed VPS with cPanel for a certain plan (and above)…will it be the same with DirectAdmin, and if so, starting with what plan?


Yeah, including DA is something I’ve been wanting to do since we were in San Jose. I’m so happy to have it available for everyone.

As for management, the staff & I need more experience with DA to be comfortable offering management on it. Once I get that time in we’ll likely do the same.



How is DA UI/UX compared to cPanel?


They have a demo on their site. Last I looked at it, the UX wasn’t as good as cPanel, but it wasn’t tooooo bad.


Int…er…es…ting… now I have two reasons to grab a slice.


The new UI is a lot better:

It’s in RC at the moment, probably release to everyone in a couple months or so.



Working on one more surprise.

Lets see if I can pull it off.



Just got the last available slice in LU. Good timing.


Nice! It looks great :smiley:


This slice collection is getting out of hand…



Couldnt manage to order a kvm in LU. Blehhh

Edit: Just ordered a new slice!