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I’ve heard good things about Fran, but I’m not sure if the smallest KVM Slice 512 (BuyVM - KVM Slices Dedicated Server Performance with 100% SSD Storage and DDoS Protection Available) would meet my needs. Those needs are mainly Wireguard - I’m trying to push most if not all of my management, monitoring traffic, backups and file sync over a tunnel.

Apart from a decently good network I don’t need a lot - a little bit of CPU power to push Gigabit when I need to (which will rarely if ever happen) over my wg0 interface and maybe 100MB RAM to spare. I noticed that the description says unmetered, which to me basically means fair use but no hard cap. I’m now wondering what kind of network performance I can expect and what would be considered fair use. I just need a (host)ballpark figure.

If you have experience with BuyVM, please chime in :slight_smile:

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100Mbps dedicated 24/7 usage per 4GB of ram on your slice is the general rule I’ve heard. So cut that up by 8 and you get 12.5Mbps or ~4TB in + ~4TB out per month to stay within the guidelines as I’ve heard from BuyVM staff.

Bursting CPU is generally fine, as long as you’re not slamming it for hours on end. At 512MB you’re talking 1/8th of a core ‘dedicated’ - so the threshold for abuse is likely a lot lower there than I’m used to on the 1/2/4/8GB slices.

I’ve got multiple slices (like 6 or 7 now) and I haven’t seen any real CPU or network congestion/bottlenecking - can easily rip 600-800Mbps most of the time in short bursts. Nodes appear to be very balanced.


Forgot to add: should probably get input on limitations straight from the horse’s (kek) mouth - @Francisco


Actually, 15% is allowed, which is about 1/6.66(6)th of a core :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yep, that all sounds fine.

Wireguard is extremely efficient, so short of you trying to rim 1GBit/sec it’s not going to use much at all.



Awesome, nothing better than official confirmation :wink:

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Great, that’s what I wanted to hear. Thanks for all the figures!


I don’t know what the shilling rules are on HB, but you can always click this before you buy: Portal Home - FranTech

Daddy has a lot of slices to pay for… :stuck_out_tongue:


Stallion sure is very pony.

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Vote f0r Fran in 2020.

Free VPS for everyone. Um, actually, no, free VPS for US citizens.

I’d be fine with a paid VPS, doesn’t seem like I’m likely to get a slice any time soon :frowning:

Sign up on and click the email as soon as you get it. I think BuyVM add stock once or twice per month, when cancellations are processed.


Fair enough, thanks for the link!

1st and 7th of the month for re-stocks. But stuff does pop up mid-month due to cancellations sometimes.

For the amount of money you pay, you get a lot, and can’t really complain.

Also, it’s nice to host with someone who’s not gone in a whim and available for support.

@Francisco I have a good Internet 4G connection in India but I am only getting 20 KB/s with test file for LA. How come? When I test with I get 30 up / 2-5 Mbit/s down for various ISPs.

Define good?

But I only get 20 KB/s with the test file for LA. Drastic changes.

You are aware that it may well be congested link at your ISP?

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