Brave Web Browser

I’ve seen loads of ads for the Brave browser recently and it seemed rather intriguing as a Chrome-alternative (since it supports Chrome plugins which is a requirement for me). Has anyone else tried it? I’m loving it so far!


Been using since launch, can’t fault it. Chrome plugins works without issue as it is just chromium based fork, I expect the IE / Edge to go down the same route.

Can actually pay yourself if your clever enoufh brave rewards.

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Edge stable quite good =))

The browser seems brave enough to go in a market with such difficult competitors.

I would like to use it but their false advertising, aggressive advertisements and promoted posts on social media make me feel irritated. I would prefer actual reviews instead of self-promoting.


I feel the same. I am not gonna use a browser that was built on lies.

Now, if they rename it to Stupid Browser, I might feel entitled to use it.

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Not sure if @Jarland is still using it, but he signed up HostBalls forever ago on it –

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Ah, that’s where I heard about it before! I agree that their marketing is a little bit aggressive, but it seems pretty great so far. I’ll update the thread in a week or so to let you guys know whether I’m still using it or not.

Nah… if you want Chrome / Chromium based, nothing beats Vivaldi :

What we do need is FAT32 browser.

Its main feature would be altering filesystem where it is installed on to FAT32 no matter what, meaning it’s ultimately aimed to destroy you and linux.

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Last I heard about Vivaldi, it was relatively buggy with poor mobile support and wasn’t open source. Is this still the case?

Have you tried it yourself ?

“Hearing” is not trying.

Vivaldi runs perfectly here for months on Linux MX / Debian, very regular updates.

I always giggle when people require open source software to install it on frickin’ Windows.

One day, you have to make a choice.
To use a webbrowser with adblock or a webbrowser without where you can install it.

What do you choose and why?

Yes, and it wasn’t a great experience either of the couple of times that I tried it in the past. That’s not to say that the experience would be different now, but I think I’ll wait for the mobile app to be out of beta. I was specifically hoping for your input though, I’m glad to hear that it’s working well for you :slight_smile:

You can still install an adblocker if you want, it’s just relatively pointless haha.

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So where is the difference then?
Its just some forked chromium.

Right, forks can often add a lot of value over the original project, or they may offer specific functionality that may not be natively available within the original project.

Yeah, I read that earlier. I’m not keen on those types of comparisons since they’re often missing features from either side. Again though, I was hoping for your input.

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The future is VR web browsing tied to your national ID.

That’s rather an old graph :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not too sure what I’m supposed to be paying attention to either…is lower better? What units does the y axis represent?

Specifically, what drew you to using Vivaldi in the first place @anon40039896?

The end is…nigh?

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