Black Friday Hopes & Dreams

What are you guys hoping for? How about a $1 lifetime dedicated server from @Hetzner_OL or @VirMach? :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe a killer deal or offering from @Jarland?

Outside of server stuff, I’m hoping to grab some Philips Hue bulbs, upgrade my Xbox One S to a Xbox One X and grab a PS4.

Unless Clouvider or Hetzner have anything good I’ll probably not buy anything. I’ve actually been cutting down on number of services.

Too bad Black Friday isn’t celebrated where I am so I will have to deal with virtual deals. I would have loved some hues myself though and maybe an alexa for my niece to play with at home.

For Hetzner, I think they’ll let go of the setup fee but no can say. They move in mysterious ways

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No more endless idling? Good idea, I recently consolidated a few servers, which has helped cut down on admin time.

That’s a shame. I’m hoping to buy hue bulbs for my whole house and setup some more home automation.

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Ryzen 7/9 with 2xNVMe offers.
2Gbps - 10 Gbps Servers
Some good services (like mxroute, virtualizor, WHMCS, etc)

Not overpriced but reasonable to treat as BF.

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WD RED… I need to get myself a few of those. And maybe a backup block account for my usenet setup + renewal my subscriptions at a few indexers. Maybe a Google Nest Hello and a few Yeelights…

A good job.


A good split keyboard.
My shoulders are killing me.


If that’s my only choice, I would rather flip burgers.


If you do that in the streets of Perú for years, you will become very loved (for real) from your customers.

And you will be very missed after the police takes the shit out of you suddenly of course. But if your food is tasty, risk is low.

My dream is save as much as money.

I can do my things on local VM but I dont mind getting some killer deal like the 8bucks last year.

Keyboard to nerd is like a Cowboy pistol.
I looking for a good 87keys keyboard.

Well, my Dream is also, to save money.
But soon you realize, what happen last BF.
Its a illusion, your destiny is already defined.
You have no choice, or do you?

Sad story, 11.11 is a Chinese holiday, means I could get broke before BF.
Going to buy some YEELIGHTS for cheap

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It’s a shame that I accidentally left this tutorial public facing.


I’m hoping for lots of storage for a lowend price :slight_smile:

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For as much shit I give them about bandwidth - I really like @dedispec. Okay, I did it, let my daughter go David!


I’m not sure if we have any providers here (but I know @Ympker seems to be a boss at finding hot deals) - but I’d quite like some VPN deals this year… hopefully not from NordVPN though… :roll_eyes:

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I’ll try to post some around Black Friday, if I remember :slight_smile:


Your wish has been granted.


Another 50+% off in the LA SSD plans from Wishosting (not sure if he’s here)

And more sub-$5 per TB storage plans in North America :grin: