Black Friday 2018: What do YOU want?

Most probably they would do $1 discount for black friday, if they do something :smile:

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Netcup will surely have something through the month of December.

(Only available in the German website)

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I wish we have a Netcup in US :slightly_frowning_face:

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Netcup rejected my ID verification. Hetzner on other hand approved it in a day

OVH didn’t ask…

Vmhaus for sale on black friday?


I’m happy with my current services, but I’d like to see some good promotion from these providers: Hertzner, OVH, LeaseWeb

Dedicated Servers and VPS’s.

PS: unfortunately, I think they will not offer special offers on Black Friday.

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Hetzner won’t, their prices great as they are. They might temporarily remove setup fees though, that would be cool.

Truth. Hertzner already has quite attractive prices, so they are unbeatable in Europe. If one day a company such as Hertzner in the US emerges, the US market would change.

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The question is, how the f… it didn’t happen already?
CAuse share hosting prices are royally low in the US…so why is cloud and dedis any different?

I do not understand that either. The American market is huge (Asia and South America included in the public), but prices are far above what we usually see in Europe in companies like Hertzner, OVH, NetCup. OVH is coming up timidly in America, but maybe it can be the start of better prices.

I’m assuming that has to do with the higher salaries common in the US.

Whole different ball game. It’s well known that a lot of shared hosting is drastically oversold. You can’t do that with KVM VPS’ or dedicated servers. Which means you actually need the budget and infrastructure in place to support a lot of customers. Sure, you would probably be pretty successful if you did build your own company in the US while selling servers at dirt cheap prices, but you would have to take a huge financial hit for a slow return on investment. It’s a risk that clearly not many are willing to take.

But then howcome shared hosting is cheaper than in Europe? that’s what doesnt’ add up to me.
Plus we have higher taxes.

Taxes are not that much higher. Dedicated servers need arguably much more maintenance and human intervention than an unmanaged shared hosting platform.

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What you’re saying makes sense. But at the same time it means that they are more willing to provide bad service (the overselling to extreme) , cause, the EU companies can also do it.
So it would come down to company values? idk…

I’m not talking about purely US shared hosting, I’m talking about it as a whole. There are definitely US companies offering shared hosting for the same dirt cheap prices as EU providers. As @FHR said, it’s much easier to just setup and leave it running.

I don’t agree with this. All shared hositng platforms are managed, and taking care of all those hundreds of clients in one server, each one installing his stuff, messing with php, installing widgets and whatever else comes their way… plus the strain to the server that comes with it, seems like a larger cluster fk… that one client in one server.

I tihnk that there are way more dirty cheap and “unlimited” hosters in the US alone that in the whole EU.
… EIG alone operates several of the like.

Shared hosting is a lot easier to maintain (with general shared hosting at least). Sure, those could be problems in a poorly maintained environment. Chuck something like CloudLinux and CPanel on a box with WHMCS and you’re got yourself an easy-to-run summer host.