Black Friday 2018: What do YOU want?

It’s about two months away from Black Friday - what do you want from the black friday this year?

More idling VPSes? More VirMach deals? More idling dedi’s? More Amazon Alexas?

I’d settle for a peace treaty between North and South Korea. :slight_smile:

More seriously:

  • I still don’t have a dedi, so I wouldn’t mind getting one if I see a good offer.

  • Otherwise I tend to cancel a few VPSes from the previous Black Friday and to get a few new ones. :blush:

This time I NEED dedicated servers.

November 2018 is also a celebration of 100 years since the end of World War 1. Personally I am expecting offers of peace, VPS/Dedi/Storage with coupons of peace, or free offers of silence for 100 millions of people who died in total at World War 1.

When I think of it this way… Black Friday is not such an happy shopping day this year, simply because this year’s November is sad.

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Enough sales to make it rain on Louis, and buy the girls something like this for Christmas:


Good deals, cheap dedis.


Some friendly new customers.

A new job

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An 85 inch, 4K TV to play NES roms on. I won’t be happy until I can see Luigi’s pores.


A new TV is on my list for Black Friday.

Did a double take since I thought this said “Luigi’s pubes” and got excited.

I’ll be looking to find a bunch of cheap yearly ovz’s all over the globe.

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I wonder if they’re green…

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Rule 34 most likely has the answer.


Patiently waiting for the link…

I am thinking of a buying a few new servers as always

SSDs plz

  1. Veesp VPS
  2. SSDs, to give life to 2 laptops I have laying without a drive, this way I’ll have idling vms and laptops.

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What are you guys on the lookout for?

Anything that can hurt my wallet. Possibly renewing some old deals, might catch a smaller dedicated somewhere thats not Hetzner this time.

Oh, and switching to HetrixTools in case they have something nice.