Black Friday 2018: What do YOU want?

Dedicated server with E3 CPU 32GB RAM 2x480GB SSD /28 10TB @ 1gbps in Miami or Dallas :smiley:

Also a PS4 with VR but we can’t have those nice things for cheap in my country.


Or maybe a crazy limited promo from @Hivelocity

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Promos to renew the apps I use for another year.

Thinking about bringing back Data Center Plinko for Black Friday. Thoughts?

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rather than cheap small spec VPS i would spend more for a beefy boi

I’m also wanting to test some stable low latency love ( to latam) myself @HIVELOCITY

Hoe about something similar than what netcup offers?

I want offers on VPS, cold storage, domain transfers and renewals.

Who is this netcup you speak of?

Shots fired!

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I would love to see VPS and dedis suitable for production use, even if it’s not a rock-bottom deal.

Deadpool deals obviously.

Do you Offer VPS?

We do not currently offer VPS but will be soon

How soon?



Yep been using Secure Dragon for quite a while.
I think I first used them when they had 32mb Ovz.
I’ve also stumbled upon wirh that link you’ve provided but honestly I don’t have a clue on who they are.




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Maybe I should not have those beers.

:beer: :beers:


Here I go again.

@HIVELOCITY can you make some deals on behalf of your vm brand with beefy resources?

IIRC netcup gives me 24gb and 4 cores for 11 euros.

I would be OK with half of those resources :wink: