Best Value Dedicated Server (~€30/m)

I found

Use case is or web min panel hosting.

Do you know any other option in this price range? has some offers too but they are only valid for 6 months.

In general, Hetzner is very good value for money. Hard to beat.


I think it is Hetzner is the only option I have in this price range. I thought would be able to beat but there is no good offering from them.

Online is simply no longer cheap. You might have better luck at Kimsufi, though the downside there is the connection speed (100 Mbps).

I just did and noticed it. I think no one in the world can beat Hetzner then. I thought maybe Netcup’s dedicated core vservers would help but even they can’t beat Hetzner. I can get a more powerful machine @ hetzner for their price.

Yeah, I think your conclusion is spot on. Especially for dedicated servers Hetzner is hard, if not impossible, to beat in terms of price / performance ratio. If you factor in vServers then you may find some Netcup specials that may be cheaper than Hetzner’s pure dedicated servers, but it’s not a fair comparison by any means because with a vServer you are still sharing disks, memory, etc.

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Ok then. I think I would sign up for Hetzner’s machine only. Is Finland better or DE with them? I think they offer both.

I’d honestly go for DE because that’s their biggest / main datacenter. They’ve expanded to Finland over the course of last year and most of the traffic was / is (I’m kinda out of the loop here, they could’ve fixed that long time ago) being routed through Germany. It obviously very much depends on your requirements, if you live in Scandinavia then you might be better off grabbing a server in Finland.

If you can spare 0,008 euro and want to run some extensive network tests, you can fire up a Hetzner Cloud box in both locations for an hour. They come in at 0,004 cents each.

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Ok. I will keep it in mind.

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there are companies with cheaper dedis than Hetzner, but at that point you’re always sacrificing something - be it network quality, support, reliability or something else…

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Here are a few more options:

You will have to tell us some specification requirements to get better suggestions. :slight_smile:

Hetzner if you don’t know what you need or manage but something cheap/affordable to start. When you know what you want to manage, find niche or more specific provider in LET/HB here. Not all providers have advanced panel or support like Hetzner/OVH.

Well, Hetzner => OneProvder has sometimes Deals or reselles stuff cheaper.
The question is, what do you look for?

Best performance with CPU? Hetzner
Cheapest Storage? Hetzner
Most Memory? Hetzner

But if you need a combination of all of these or more, like SSD or NVMe Hetzner MAY be not the cheapest option.


We have cheap Atom from time to time, which should be enough for your use case: DRS - drServer Hosting Solutions | Dedicated Servers . :slight_smile:

Ok. Will check.

What specs are you looking for? Would Manchester, UK work for you?

Do you offer UK now?

Yes, we can offer services in Manchester. Our UK subsidiary has some space there now.


On our website, right now we have this.

Intel Atom C2750
1 * 200 GB SSD
100 Mbps Unmetered
13$/mo with coupon code listed there