Zoho Email Sync Issues

Heya all,

It’s been a while since I’ve shown my digits in public…
…balls where grown… Stickers were shipped… and beers where shoved into alcohol preserved bodies.

Here I am in another hairy situation that’s starting to smell. Thinking that maybe one of ya could save me.

Zoho one working as usual, importing emails via pop till one day it simply stopped importing.
I’d like to resfresh the email server details but Zoho does not allow me to save the changes. (I need to change the pwd). It always throws out an error that I need to verify the server details. Thing is that I know the following.

  • I’m entering the correct details
  • the email server is working correctly, I know this because I’ve setup a test email and linked that to Zoho via pop without a glicth.

Any ideas?


Have you tried to turn it off and off again?

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Yeah, it’s off and I can’t toggle it on.
I suspect the reason is that I need to update the email credentials, more specifically the password and Zoho for whatever reason does not let me update it. Whenever I enter the password and try to save it, it fails.


I am out of ideas now.

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what aren’t you using imap?

Old account, setup as POP back then and as far as I can see, Zoho does not allow me to switch.
And I can’t start over because Zoho pulled & deleted emails from the email server which means that if I delete the email account in Zoho to set it up a new, I’ll lose way to many emails.