ZAP Hosting - 50% OFF Lifetime Minecraft Gameserver - From 50€

Thought that this might be perhaps of interest to some of you guys, too. Maybe a small server for your and your S.O., friends, or family with peace of mind after a one-time payment :slight_smile:

Most people who host a Minecraft server here will probably run their own VPS, however as a LTD hoarder, I didn’t want to pass this up.

ZAP-Hosting is putting their Lifetime Minecraft Server on sale again. You currently get 50% OFF with code “Lifetime2021”. ZAP-Hosting is a long established German Gameserver Company (at least since 2010) and, among other games, offers Minecraft servers. Minecraft is currently the only game where they offer lifetime gameservers and while they are not known to be the best gameserver company out there, I would say they are solid enough.
Previously, I hosted the Minecraft Server for the gf and myself for around 15€/year at Aquatis.Host but will now move that one to ZAP-Hosting. Picked up the cheapest option with 2GB RAM and PaperSpigot. Runs fine on 1GB on Aquatis, so 2GB should even boost it a little. There are also various locations you can choose from.

More RAM can be still purchased AFTER you bought the product (for a one-time fee). More Modpacks can also be added for 30€ each iirc. You can (probably) also just upload the jar yourself afaik. For me, PaperSpigot is enough.

Some screenshots:

With 50% OFF comes to 50€.

First impressions:

First experience with support was good. They have Live Chat support and I quickly got to 2nd level Support who solved my issue within minutes :slight_smile: Opened several live chat sessions yesterday and the issues were solved in minutes. Opened a ticket today and it seems like the avg. ticket reply time of 3 minutes is indeed very much on point. Got a reply in 3 minutes (opened 9:28, reply 9:31).

Performance with 2GB RAM on PaperMC seems to be good so far.

They also seem to have a Discord (with support channels) that is quite active :slight_smile:

Germany location seems to be on ASN 30823.

The Gameserver Panel is very intuitive and easy to use.

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@Wolveix that title is way better readable than the one I put. Thanks! :slight_smile:
Updated it on the other forums (where possible), too.

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