Your feedback needed


We hope you are doing well and are loving the new layout of the forum!

Please take the time to leave feedback on our new design >

It is always good to get outsider to look in on how we can improve our user experience.

Much appreciated, ZI

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What’s with the App/Play store buttons that don’t go anywhere? Also pink hair, pink glasses, pink shirt, that’s a lot of pink right up front.

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Thank you for the feedback, I agree. We’ve also had comments on the images used the people have spoken!

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Get your brand colors straight. Green logo, pink lady, orange button for sign in, purple bootstrap logo in the middle (why are you using their logo?), light blue shield (in the unlimited bandwith section), new and popular labels are in different grey/orange shades, get started uses another different purple shade, the “cloud platform” card is also yet another blue.


Thank you for the feedback and taking time to review. We are compiling all feedback as we speak, changes coming soon.