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So years ago I had a private self-hosted Wiki but I quickly abandoned it as I never wanted to keep paying some shared hosting/vps for it as I rarely stick with one provider for years and sometimes even have no reseller/vps at all. This was a pain for my private Wiki as I wanted it to be always up at no cost. Don’t get me wrong I am not averse to paying for hosting but usually I’d just host this on some of my resellers I had anyway. However paying for a hosting ONLY for the KB was never smth. I wanted to settle with. Luckily I have backed up my posts back then ( you will find some of them really outdated; even though they have been “created” recently according to GDrive they have been on my USB Stick for a while) from the KB and now re-launched it as a folder on my Google Drive. It’s perfect: I create all articles in Google Docs so Images/Videos in these Docs don’t count towards storage of GDrive either allowing me to host my KB free of charge for more or less as long as Google is around.

Anyway this KB (or should I say my public place for dumping anything worth noting I find?!) initially was only made for Tech Stuff but I will include Travelling and Fitness and maybe other categories as well now.

I’ve decided to make it publicly accessible as I don’t see why not. You can check it out here.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Will be adding stuff whenever I feel like it.


Just a random q

Don’t you have a spare domain?
If you don’t why not ask someone to “/” if you feel like?
I personally enjoy reading nice things that I know that are legit.

IIRC secure dragon had some free webhosting and many others do / did.

I am not that completely sure but weren’t you the one wanting to make a guide for hosting?
As well as your lectures that may be interesting :wink:

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Well I don’t really need an own domain for it. nicolas-loew.de is my main domain and more or less the only personal one I kept after I let ympker.net expire. I feel like kb.nicolas-loew.de is all right for my Knowledgebase given that it was kb.ympker.net before :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway I do know that there are a lot (even reputable) free hosts like afreecloud, infinityfree, 000webhost and others… However I don’t want to hassle of keeping track whether that kinda service stays up or not hence I’m alright with dumping everything on GDrive as it’s a setup that I reckon I won’t have to change anything about for the next 10+ years to come (setup&forget) where as if any free host would go down I’d have to move/relocate again. Whats more many free hosts have disk space limits or other limits I wouldn’t like. Anyway I hear ya, but I am happy as is rn. If I want to search for a specific article/topic GDrive search function works well enough too.

Yeah, I was wanting to write that guide and still want to just never seem to find the time. I wanted to start writing it some place nice and that hasn’t changed. Like last time in Amsterdam I planned to but time didn’t work out. Anyway it’s funny because by now through procrastinating I’ve gotten quite the idea of what it will focus on etc. . This fact is similar to what Adam Grant describes in his book “Originals” when he talks about the benefits of procrastination haha :smiley:

Anyway for that book/guide I will probably use GitHub books.

You should open a Wiki. We can start cataloging length, girth, and (for a select few) taste.

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Haha :smiley: Before I took it down it was a wiki (DokuWiki).

I haven’t explored it much, but wouldn’t Google sites work for you?

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It’s basically a set of random text files. Angelfire would be fine.

I’ll give Sites a look :slight_smile:


Angelfire is just another free web host isn’t it? There are free web hosts with higher specs out there but I already explained why I didn’t want to go with any of these.

Google Sites is, too. But that’s probably about the same bet I’m taking with Google Docs.

That’s better, or maybe with jekyll/hugo


For what it’s worth, Netlify’s free plan would be totally fine for a small site, along with Gatsby or Hugo. You can use your own custom domain. Much more powerful than Github Pages. https://www.staticgen.com/ is a good listing of various static site generators.


Or you can host your KB (static) with 1mb.site which pretty much won’t be a great hassle to deal with.

It’s again an issue though as I mentioned I don’t wanna keep track if this free host vanishes some time :stuck_out_tongue: There are many free hosts that offer even better stats than 1mb. Right now however, Google is about the only solution I trust not to go away anytime soon and not to suspend for whatever reason (unlike 000webhost, infinityfree… where random suspensions seem to happen).

Cheapest Ramnode slice will do :wink:

Even cheaper stuff will do. A NAT VPS with lighthttpd will do. Just not wanting to spend anything on this to keep it up. For almost all of my projects I would rent smth, not for this one though. I could use Create New Community | Community 1.37 Wiki | Fandom though. Theoretically. Although there are no backups I could export so meh.

yes, that sucks

you need to keep ownership of your content

Lighttpd is awesome, people always boost “throughput rate” when favoring NGINX, but there’s more to it…

Lighttpd has a lower latency than NGINX, i benchmarked both extensively a few years ago, and lighty is just snappier.

Another good reason for using lighty besides RAM and latency, is that less packages get dropped under high loads.

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Why don’t you go with a wordpress or blogspot subdomain? We all know that those 2 aren’t going anywhere for the next decade

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That’s true. However my last WordPress KB/Wiki plugin screwed up with an update would stop working whenever I tried to upgrade it so at some point instead of always reverting to my backup with old plugin version I decided to ditch it. I could probably use WP without any plugin and just make blogposts and sort them after categories to make it a Wiki/KB but cba rn.

Added smth good to know in the Madrid article of the KB. Wish I knew that when I was there… Tourist Metro ticket for Zone A costs 35€ for 7 days. A personalised Metro Card can however buy you a 30 day Metro Pass for Zone A for only 20€ if you are under 25 (which I am).