Ympker's LTD VPN Comparision Chart

Looking to grab a LTD on Stacksocial for a VPN Service?
Here is a comparison chart featuring all the VPN Services I have a LTD of:
Windscribe Pro, Ivacy, FastestVPN, RA4W VPN, VPNUnlimited/Keepsolid, Getflix.

The following criteria will be assessed: Purchase date, Jurisdicition, Speed, Connection Stability, Own Client, Manual setup protocols available, Torrents, Flix, Cool Extras and whether the LTD has an expiry date set in the client area.

I’ll try to update it (especially the speeds table) ever so often :slight_smile:

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Yes, I’m an LTD addict :slight_smile:


Step one is to admit you have a problem :joy:


At least I live in denial and remain happy

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Thanks. Nice list albeit a bit small.

A quick remark: With GetFlix DNS you noted that it expires in 2038 or similar. 2038? Looks like Unix 32-bit time related.

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Thanks :slight_smile: What do you mean by small? Unfortunately I haven’t aquired more Lifetime Deal VPNs :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, coincidence?! Anyway, I could swear there was an expiry date like that the last time I checked but now I checked it again due to your post and there isn’t any expiry date now. It just says Lifetime.

Hmmm, I meant “not frighteningly gigantic”. Better? *g
Plus I meant to invite others to add to the list.

As for the expiry date, don’t care, I just noticed what seems to look Unix 32-bit time related. And even if it really ran out by then, you’d have had about 20 years of use.

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Well there’s lots of VPNs out there that I have used in the past, but this list is only for LTDs since I don’t sub VPNs anymore. That’s why the list probably won’t grow significantly because there only like 5-6ish more LTD VPNs that are kinda popular/known that I didn’t purchase yet (VPNSecure, VPN.asia, BuzzVPN or smth like this, SlickVPN, ZenMate VPN, Zoog VPN). Only VPNSecure and SlickVPN are probably worth looking into, but I don’t expect them to be good tbh from what I’ve heard. If there’s a cheap deal I’ll grab them and add them to my collection. All the other known VPN services (Nord,Express,Vypr, Perfect Privacy…) are sub models.

About the expiration date: Exactly.

I don’t know if it’s interesting, but as a newsdemon customer you get an $35 offer for SlickVPN lifetime right now.

SlickVPN is fairly often on sale for 20$ on Stacksocial. Does not look so good though.
They still got this video on their site haha :smiley:

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Ehhh nice VPN from what I could say :thinking: but they show leaked pictures don’t they XD. Nah but it remembers me this www.RIPSAMSUNG.com - Rest In Peace Samsung - Say Hello to Escobar Fold 2 - YouTube

EDIT : Hacker like this guy love this vid you sended

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Next time I wanna do a homemade video I’ll make sure to put her at easy by showing my SlickVPN invoice.



Didn’t know that. Thank you! :smiley:

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My favorite is Windscribe Lifetime. Don’t remember how much I paid, but totally worth the money, especially with their upcoming WireGuard rollout.

KeepSolid/VPNUnlimited isn’t the fastest, but since Windscribe doesn’t do lifetimes anymore, I would recommend getting one if you need a great value VPN service. However, I personally had a lot of problems with their windows client (not sure what the issue was, but when their VPN app was installed, a 10-second delay was added to all DNS queries. I would rather recommend downloading OVPN/WG configs manually and use the official clients for each protocol instead.

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WS is pretty cool, indeed. Not sure, when you lasz compared the two, but recently Keepsolid has been much faster for me reaching some 300 Mbit/s, where WS onl reached some 50-70 Mbit/s for same location and protocol. Keepsolid als has been stable for me. Both are great though :slight_smile:

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