Xip.io invert the system for a subdomain (bash script help)

Hey everyone,

I know this is not stackoverflow but I get better help here than on stack.

I was setting up this GitHub - basecamp/xip-pdns: PowerDNS pipe backend adapter powering xip.io which is currently working on polisystems.cloud however I have quite a few issues.

I want to do a system with inverted IP names.
So that the domain replies with

but that if I use static.
It inverts the process so it outputs →

Note the inversion of the ip when using the subdomain ip.

I think my level is not too bad in bash but sadly, I really can’t read shit with this script (xip-pdns/xip-pdns at master · basecamp/xip-pdns · GitHub)

Could someone give me a hand to add this function?

Thanks for your help guys

Quiet shit but did it XD : Comparing basecamp:master...Poli-Systems:master · basecamp/xip-pdns · GitHub

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