XCP-ng - Xen Next Generation

It just came to my attention that the Community version of Xen was released early this year. https://xcp-ng.org/

I was wondering if anyone has already played with it and have any first impressions?

I’m slightly more familiar with CentOS and I’ve been looking for a Proxmox alternative, so I thought this could be an option, but I’m curious to hear people’s experiences.

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Why don’t many providers use Xen? Being a complete noob on the topic, Xen is very similar to KVM, right?

I think I’ve seen people debate this before, I seem to recall the general concensus being that KVM came to fruition and hit the market well before Xen, thus took a large portion of the market share.

KVM is just… better? Serious question, I’ve ignored Xen since like… 2011 because back then it had a ton of limitations.

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KVM is integrated in the Linux kernel.
I think Xen needs a custom kernel and is arguably more complex.


Xen - no no no
KVM - yesh!

You ask, why? - I say, I don’t know!

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