Would You Upgrade?

Thinking about buying this PC for gaming:

Ryzen 5 2600
16 GB DDR4 (2x8)
RX 570 MSI, 8GB
240 GB Boot SSD NvME, M2

Price: 600€

Currently I have:

i5 4670
GTX 780 Ti
16 GB DDR3 (2x8)
120 GB SSD + 1TB HDD
Asus Pro4 H87

Will I get a performance boost out of it?
The Ryzen has a 13k bench which is quite the jump (my i5 has about 7k but wins im single thread). RX 570 sometimes seems to perform better than 780 Ti, sometimes not.

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I’m not that familiar with the two GPUs in question, but by the sounds of it, they’re similar in specs. Since the majority of PC games aren’t CPU bound, I would argue that upgrading would be a waste of time unless you have other things that might benefit from a beefier CPU.


Fair enough. Well, I do record for my Plex in real time using Audials and this hoggs lots of CPU. More cores would allow to put this on a VM more realiably perhaps. But true^^ Probably not worth it just yet :sweat_smile:

The last time I bought an AMD, it was so I could game. Game sucked.

Never again.

^ this. Just get a proper (cheap secondhand) GPU if you want to upgrade your gaming experience. Assign Audials low priority through task manager while gaming and enjoy!


No, if the Hardware works, I would upgrade the parts but not a full upgrade if not really needed.


Can’t really upgrade my CPU as motherboard doesn’t support any significantly better one :S Can only upgrade gpu


The RX 570 is fine (I use it in my Hackintosh). I have the 8 GB VRAM model and the only downside to it is that it doesn’t accelerate VP9 videos on YouTube.

Having said that, you’re using a Ryzen processor without an iGPU so you’d likely need to get a plugin to disable VP9 (fall back to 1080p @ H264) or have your CPU pull 70W trying decode that garbage.

PS: My RX 570 runs very, very hot. Like – it takes ~200W at peak and runs at 80C.

Edit: Performance-wise, the card runs fine. Just keep in mind that you’ll be limited to 1080p if you want high/ultra settings.

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The question is more like, if you really have a cpu bottleneck, which justifies a full mainboard + cpu + memory upgrade.

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I own an RX 470 and RX 570, also a Vega 56, 980 Ti, 1080 Ti, and in the recent past a Radeon VII, so a decent range of performance there. The RX 400 and 500 series are nice, but the 460/560 are bad purchases, and the 480/580 are so close in price to the 470/570 but quite far ahead in performance, so I always recommend to make the jump if you’re going with that range - these cards stomp the Nvidia equivalent, so don’t become one of those guys who scams himself into buying a 1050, 1050 Ti, or even a 1060 :wink: I’d also recommend 8GB variant over 4GB regardless.

However… that prebuilt is a bad deal. Zen 2 / Ryzen 3000 is announced and very close to dropping, so Ryzen 1000 and Ryzen 2000 prices are about to hit rock bottom, and you can already get a 6 core 1000 series chip for like $60-80 which is madness considering prices for even a dual core 2 years ago. If you build it yourself, that exact build is fine, and will probably cost you closer to 400EUR than 600.

Further, your current CPU while really starting to age now, is actually fine for a lot of modern games at the performance level you’re targeting (I would guess like 1080p60 maybe 1080p120 from your current specs), it’s your GPU which is gonna be holding you back, like @Wolveix mentioned. Here’s the problem, your 780 Ti on paper is really out of date, but when it comes to actual performance it’s only within 10% of the RX580, and the GTX 1060. It’s hard to justify an upgrade, even though you’ve only got 3GB memory and you’re like 6 generations behind, it is the best card of its generation.

Here’s the move I would do with your current system to maximize price:performance ratio. I would buy a used i7 4770K which you can probably get for like 75EUR, slap an overclock on that bad boy. I would then wait for Navi (almost dead on arrival but still)… to drop in July and buy a Vega 56 which is not only really well priced right now, but will be even better priced in July when Navi lands. For below 300EUR you can easily double your current GPU performance, while getting a nice little CPU uplift (10-30% depending on OC in single thread, way higher in multi thread thanks to hyperthreading) to keep you going another year or two.

Edit: I would also recommend going used on the Vega 56 purchase too, but I understand if you don’t like the idea (although 90% of my hardware purchases nowadays are used and I’ve never had a single problem). 100% sell your existing CPU and GPU on the used market once you’ve done the upgrade, as you will recoup quite a bit.


Thank you very much everyone! I believe, that if anything I will try @Yes approach and upgrade with used hw. Gonna wait after exams (august) though anyway.

Just one thing @Yes: You were saying if I buy the exact same build like the new pc ans build it myself I’ll only pay like 400€. I actually tried this before you suggested it with PcPartPicker and ended up with a higher price😅

Build with PcPartPicker, then get your parts elsewhere (Amazon or what have you). Just find the cheapest shop, basically. When I build a pc, I order from 2-4 shops on average. Saves a few 100 $$ on larger builds.


I thought PcPartPicker already finds the cheapest option selecting from Amazon, NewEgg, Ebay etc…

Will check myself then I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

@Yes calculated manually browsing Ebay + Amazon now and ended up with the same config for ~440€ and didn’t even bother searching long for the cheapest option. Swapping the Ryzen 6 2600 for a Ryzen 1600 would make it even cheaper eh?

Whichever configuration you choose, don’t forget to add decent PSU.
And by decent i mean not only according wattage over provisioning, but decent brand as well.


Affiliates… :wink: Their service ain’t free, even though they make you believe it is. If you’re on a tight budget, just buy secondhand stuff as pointed out before. More bang for the buck.

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Good job! Yes, but I’d go for the 2000 series for the extra boost and so that you don’t need to worry about iffy RAM timings. I had a 2700X until last month when I sold it for £200 in preparation for Zen 2, they’re good chips. If you are buying in August then you will get this for even cheaper, as discounts for the Ryzen 1000/2000 will continue to increase. Remember you can sell your old parts and recoup a big chunk of your budget.

If you go the full new build route, I would definitely avoid the RX 570 (or even RX580) because it won’t give you really meaningful gains over your 780 Ti. If you are happy with your current GPU performance then keep the 780 Ti, if not then swap for Vega 56 (or you could get a used 980 Ti if that works out cheaper).

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Thanks mate <3


RX570 actually performs worse than 780Ti in many cases. Dont upgrade