Would someone be interested in Switzerland Dedicated servers?

Hey guys,
I am looking a bit around and I saw that there is not a lot of Swiss Dedicated server providers that do not charge 300$ for an initial atom.

Would be someone interested in it?

I don’t know yet how we can manage the automatic installations (like InstallImage from Hetzner) but the rest I have already my idea as we have a lot of DC partners here.

Let me know if someone would find it cool to have a Dedicated server in Switzerland with unmetered bandwidth (fair use, but easily 40 TB +) and the latest Ryzen Gen 5.

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It could also apply with some deals such as this:
64 GB DDR4
2x 1TB SSD
1 GB/s Unlimited (fair use)
Located in Switzerland near Zurich
For 145 euro per month.

I think it could work out as in Switzerland the current pricing of dedicated server is extremely high at my taste.

Yes, why not.

Honesly start with cheap VPS and expand into dedis. But my anwser would be no as I have far exceeded my budget for idlers.