Worthwhile payment gateways

This is a question for providers and consumers: What payment processors do you find the most worthwhile?

For customers who aren’t in US/CA/EU/Etc, what is most commonly used? There are so many gateways and processors available that are localized for region specific payments and since I’m not from those regions I’m not quite sure what’s worthwhile and what’s just too much of a hassle.

Paymentwall is pretty cool for consumers since it supports lots of local payment options around the globe iirc.

On this link you can also see/search for payment methods by country:


Honesly it’s gotta be stripe.
Low payment fees, decent protection against chargeback.


We just implemented Stripe the other day, both for card and SEPA payments for EU customers. Applied for WeChat and AliPay through Stripe, but both were rejected with the message:

it seems that your business falls into a category that is prohibited by Stripe’s Terms of Service for Alipay here: https://stripe.com/alipay/legal"

The denial of AliPay/WeChat payments via Stripe doesn’t impact our ability to get paid via Stripe through conventional methods but I’d still like to do something that caters specifically to the Asian market and elsewhere.

For reference, we offer:

  • PayPal (No Subscription)
  • PayPal (Subscription)
  • Stripe (Debit/Credit)
  • Stripe (SEPA / Euro only)
  • Crypto via coinpayments.
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Ye so there is this new thing where card providers (I.e Visa and Mastercard) decided that they want to charge businesses that are high-risk (I.e hosting biz) like 70 bucks p/m just so they can be used. So be careful with stripe.

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Stripe’s the most upfront. Used PayZang for a bit prior to who were randomly audited and processing shutdown for two weeks before I moved on. Prior to that it was FirstData who enrolled all ECI merchants into EMV verification for an added monthly fee; you had to opt-out. To cover their rears they called all merchants about the EMV access and if you declined they offered free anti-virus, which is a goddamn precondition of accepting credit cards online.

Half a percent isn’t worth the headache.

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I love Stripe and will use it for any future projects I have, the minor additional fee per transaction is well worth the full set of Stripe Radar fraud detection features, it’s saved me a lot of money and headaches, and the fraud rules are incredibly useful if used well (ex: I block prepaid cards in some circumstances to prevent abuse, require a billing address match for U.S. cards (due to high rate of abuse in the U.S. with prepaid cards and privacy temp cards) or reject them, etc.). Almost everyone has a debit or credit card, even in less developed regions unless they’re younger.

I’ve used PaymentWall for years, and while it is amazing for the consumers giving them the option to pay with local methods and currencies, it’s truly a pain in the ass waiting one month, sometimes two or three months to get a payout. Also there’s no way to track refunds, so you get a customer coming back three weeks after requesting a refund wondering where it is, and you just have to be like “fuck, who knows, not me”.

PayPal… is PayPal. It will always have its place, and has some good features for business clients, but not much to say about the oldie.


At Poli Systems we use Wallee there support is awesome.
They have a complete SDK kit.

And the prices are really okay at least for here in Switzerland.

The interface to manage it is also pretty neat you can make nearly everything you want. Even have your own custom checkout pages.