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I run my servers for my own personal amusement, however I have picked up some friends and family websites on the way. I’ve ended up hosting a friend of a friend and I want to move them onto a proper supported platform. They are using WordPress, do any of you have any recommendations for good wordpress hosts? I did think about using a shared platform and perhaps setting up a reseller account with someone but suspect it would be more hassle than it’s worth :confused:



We could provide a shared stable wordpress hosting U.K location. for 2.5$ monthly or 30$ / year with a free .com domain name, 20GB SSD Space, 200GB…etc.


Do tell me if you have any question.


Any reputable provider with LiteSpeed will be fine. If you have a lot of visitors, ask for LSCache before buying.

BuyShared and Ramnode are some options.

Another option is KnownHost @ChrisM

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Thanks both! I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

I’m happily using WebSound for some projects of mine. Great experience. UK hosted.

Managed WP hosting is going to cost you. Agree that any cPanel host with LiteSpeed + LSCache will be a better use of your money. If it’s a popular site then you’d want to look at something like Closte.com which is high performance managed WP hosting, pay per use.

If it’s friends and family hosting then look at BuyShared, Ramnode, etc shared/reseller plans.

If you’ve got a cheap 512M-1G VM kicking around then you could also install easyengine or centminmod for a pretty simple WP stack setup/mgmt. Not a great end user solution though as you’ll need to handle manually setting up SFTP access for users, etc and it’ll just be headaches.

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