Wordpress Help Needed


As title says, it’s an issue related to Wordpress that i cannot seem to find a fix.

  1. I need some plugin or some way to monitor the number of searches and what people search on my Wordpress based website. In that tiny small ‘search box’, would be also amazing if there is a plugin to show most searched keywords. Kinda like Google?

  2. How to trick the Wordpress search once showing results to show them in an random order rather than newest. Can’t find this either. Always showing the newest articiles while i want random order.

If anyone is familiar enough, thanks in advance for the help!

For random order on search, you can do something like this (while the code is for a specific theme, it should be pretty straightforward to do it on others): Search results: random order - Support | Kriesi.at - Premium WordPress Themes

Re. searches: Relevanssi works to monitor searches

I think i have the plugins that its functionality meet your 1st requirement, unfortunately it will eat up your database if your website has very high traffic.

wait did you posted this same in reddit wp community ?im sure ive read this somewhere before :confused:

He might have… might have not.

damn i replied to wrong person i meant to reply to your post, did you posted this in r/wp ? i did gave some suggestion there :smile:

I might have… might have not.