WordOps vs EEv4

Your experience? Pros / Cons on both? Issues? Benchmarks if available?

Any better similar stack I should look at?

WordOps is nice if you like the total package they provide (netdata etc). For me it was a bit too much, I would do some different choices and would not want it all their way. (It even pulled in sendmail.org-mta, I think.) :smiley:


Netdata is completely optional :slight_smile:

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I ended up using WordOps, and I have been happy with it. It updates quite frequently, and so far it’s been very stable for me.

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I guess I got a default set of features/packages, then … :slight_smile:
I also like to structure thinga a bit differently, so while WordOps seemed well built/maintained, I just migrated to the plain Debian way … :slight_smile:

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WordOps seems nice. Is there some kind of isolation between sites (different php-fpm pools, with different users for example)?

But… does it outperform CentMinMod ? :wink:

Likely not :grinning:

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… for Debian? :slight_smile:


In latency and req/sec, each their own platform.

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I was glad to hear other say this, as seems many blogs suggest WordOps now. However when I look to their page it shows a bloated control panel wares… but the reason I use Nginx is for security and I want to keep the extremely lightweight server, I don’t want them force some NetData and CP on us.

There is also Webinoly and SlickStack and Centminmod, yes.

If you want only normal Bash commands, no Python or dependencies, use SlickStack. Webinoly is similar, but custom commands that you learn same as WordOps.

Centminmod is full of bleeding-edge wares for geeks to try but NOT STABLE for general users. Do not try unless you know what you are doing.

Now every stack is using Cloudflare or CDN with FastCGI cache and HTTP 2/3 or Lets Encrypt so they are getting more similar with performance these days. The preference becomes approach like how are they config Nginx and PHP-FPM or what other features they add or remove.

First of all, Welcome to the community!

Second, WordOps is as heavy as light as you want it to be :slight_smile:

Don’t want the Netdata, etc? Don’t install it :wink:

I think that if you’re a new user and follow the quickstart (like I did), you get a lot of stuff. :sweat_smile:

(When cleaning up after it, I also found some surprises, like a small sendmail version installed, but not properly configured. :thinking:
Also quite a few things/files not mentioned in a post/article on how to uninstall.)

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which package you want to uninstall ? all stack/package list is available in their doc : stack - WordOps Documentation

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That is the problem. I don’t want any bloat ware or company who support bloat ware IMO. The server you choose is not just software these days but also “philosophy” and I want lightweight and secure. Any software that forces (or supports) bloat ware is just not going to be my choice.

Remember, Ubuntu is the REAL package maintainer anyways. There is no reason to have dozens of “optional” package for WordOps users. Better to focus on slim, secure base-LEMP stack. Anyone who wants to install some extra packages can do that.

Exactly the problem. WordOps seems designed for newbie users who want to try Shell command but really dont know anything about sysadmin or Linux. That is great, but the defaults and bloat are hurting security and adding more junk to the server, no advantage from a VPS (WHM) plan on shared hosting. Anyways most of cloud networks have already analytics and stuff for you on their CP already.

SlickStack / Webinoly is very lightweight. Extremely optimized Nginx config and Linux Ubuntu kernel files (for SlickStack at least). You can add some other packages if desired.

Ubuntu kernel ==> https://github.com/littlebizzy/slickstack/blob/master/ubuntu/sysctl.txt

I just really hate when developers throw in their “favorite” add-ons to OSS application esp in the WordPress world, ignorant of the entire point of integration…

jess is one crazy son of gun , im using slickstack too

ive tested many stack especially for wordpress i dont have favorite but i liked this options : wordops , centimod , slickstack, trellis and webinoly ( not in particular order ) all of them never failed me

regarding wordops as aaron said you can choose not to install the extra packages if you dont want to

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why are you using so many stacks?

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for different different website obviously , i manage wordpress websites for clients