WISECP v2.0 Released - Intelligent Web Solutions Automation - HostBalls Discount

What is WISECP ?

WiseCP is an advanced Web-based “Automation” system that includes a modern website interface with Customer Control Panel and the Admin Control Panel. It has been developed to enable all individual and corporate organizations operating in the field of information technology to easily provide product and service sales / management, invoicing and enforcement operations, customer management, support services and all other related services.


What services you can offer with WISECP?

  • Web Hosting (Hosting, Domain, Server, SSL, Product Licenses, etc)
  • Software Services (Script Sales and Leasing, Web Software, Desktop Software, etc)
  • Bulk SMS Services (International SMS Sending Services)
  • Social Media Services (Tracker Packages, Social Media Packages, etc)
  • Advertising / Promotion Services (Advertising and Promotion Service Packages, Corporate Identity, Logo etc)
  • SEO Services (SEO Packages, Backlink Packages, Promotional Writing Packs, etc)
  • Any kind of digital services

What’s new in v2.0?

There are numerous updates in v2.0, however below we have only mentioned the significant updates.

  • WClient Modern Client Panel (Users are now able to use Only Client Panel feature and built-in website can be disabled)
  • Advanced Promotion System (Along with coupon, we have now introduced promotion system that allows you to offer free or premium services along with a service. e.g a free domain can now be offered along with hosting)
  • WAnalytics, a built-in analytic feature which gives statistics in very detail along with live user tracking.
  • Taxation, Prices can now be defined along with VAT or non-VAT. It is also re-made according to European Union tax laws. Different tax rates can now be defined for each country. Taxes are also automatically applied according to the location of an user.
  • Support ticket system was re-made. Now it performs just like a live chat. Everything happening in real-time!
  • Namecheap Domain Registrar Module
  • Namesilo Domain Registrar Module
  • New payment method module: Stripe
  • New payment method module: Skrill
  • New payment method module: CoinPayments
  • New payment method module: PerfectMoney
  • SSL Reselling Module: GoGetSSL
  • SSL Reselling Module: Namecheap
  • SSL Reselling Module: ResellerClub
  • SSL Reselling Module: OnlineNIC
  • Software License Reselling Module: BuycPanel
  • Virtual Server Module: Virtualizor
  • Virtual Server Module: AutoVM

Check out complete update log here: https://www.docs.wisecp.com/en/kb/v2-0

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Contact our support team: https://my.wisecp.com

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