Wiki Software

Does anyone know any good wiki software?

I am currently maintaining a rather old mediawiki installation. Updating that thing to a new version is near impossible.
I am currently thinking of switching out the software completely, but cannot find anything that fits our needs:
-2 Factor with Yubikey
-Import from mediawiki
-Good looks (needs to impress a non technical guy)

I am happy to hear about any idea :smiley:

(sorry if this is the wrong topic, I am new here xD)

I am not able to say if it meets all of your requirements but I can say that I have used dokuwiki a few times in the past.

Well maintained, lots of good quality themes if the traditional wiki look isn’t to your taste and lots of useful documentation and plugins.


Thanks for the idea.
How are the updates managed? Do you need to replace files (like in mediawiki) or is it managed through the interface?

I’ve not used mediawiki so I’m not familiar with their upgrade routine but it seems to be similar i.e. unpack the new version on top of the current version.

Full details here:


Doesn’t Dokuwiki have a plug-in you can install to button-click upgrade between versions? I don’t have access to mine at the moment but I’m pretty sure that’s how I upgraded the last time.

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It absolutely does. I forgot about that. Good thinking!

@luki9100 here you go:

Thanks, for the headsup. You definitely have to do a lot via plugins. The default skin is straight from the 90s and creating pages and stuff is a bit harder then just “click one button and done” (like in wiki.js or xwiki).
Except for that it ticks all the boxes.
-Yubikey support

Yeah the plugins can be a bit strange but I suppose it is good from a bloat perspective. You get a very very clean install out the box and only add what you need. It also has a plugin installer (like WordPress) built in so you don’t even have to upload the zips.

In terms of the theme, it is out of the 90s by default but there’s a huge number of good quality themes here all for free: template [DokuWiki]

Also, you can add a button to creat pages quite easily using the buttons plugin: plugin:button [DokuWiki]

Anyway, I don’t work for Dokuwiki or anything and there are of course other solutions out there, but if it hits the functions that are probably harder to find - such as the Yubikey stuff - it could be worth the extra setup to get it where you need it in terms of themes and plugins :slight_smile:

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It’s out of the 90s because it’s pretty much instantly recognizable as a Wiki trademark. :slight_smile:

I like Dokuwiki because the Docker instance didn’t require setting up a mysql instance. Since I’m only using it to create a dozen or two pages to document stuff for myself setting up a database seemed like extra work for minimal gain.

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Never had time to set it up. But i’m stil looking at

I tried wiki.js .
It is nice, but it does not fit my needs. It is basically a one-man show and a lot of nice stuff is planned for the future (like YubiKey Support), but it is not here ATM.

Works rather well. Polished UI too. Not sure about import routes from other 3rd party apps though.

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Thanks, I took a look at that too, but I did not find anything about YubiKey support. Do you know if it is supported? :smiley:

I use Bookstack with the Oauth google integration. From there on, you are able to connect a yubikey to your Google account. I imagine that some of the other Oauth providers bookstack support the yubikey as well. Documentation on Oauth providers: Third Party Authentication · BookStack

I use Wiki.JS (I mean I started using it recently) and it works really great for me.

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It’s a nice feature, but unfortunately not usable for my usecase. I need LDAP Authentication and Yubikey at the same time.

WikiJS is very nice, but unfortunately YubiKey authentication is not available at the moment. For a private system it is perfect, but from a company standpoint, where you want to have your information stored as secure as possible, this is a no-go.

Well another would be Confluence | Your Remote-Friendly Team Workspace | Atlassian

Not free, but does support all the requests (trough marketplace apps!)

So this is what I have so far:

-very expensive, I do not think I will get my boss to transfer this much money to a company in the US

+good looks
+easy to set up and maintain
+LDAP integration
+Git integration (useful for media wiki import)
-one man show
-no ETA for YubiKey support
-unknown how long it will be supported and maintained

+LDAP Support
+Good looks
-no media wiki import
-no YubiKey support with LDAP Auth

+Mediawiki import
+LDAP Auth
+YubiKey support
-needs many plugins to work correctly (as we need it)
-needs a Theme to look good

So far DokuWiki looks like the best option, but I still do not like the extension approach, since the whole installation can break in an update if the extension maintainer decides to stop maintaining the extension.
This is what happened to our current media wiki installation and it makes it very hard to update, since we need to rewrite the whole config.