Why You Should Check out Readly

So a while back I tried Readly for 0,99€ for a month (renews at 9,99€) and canceled for whatever reason. Just tried it out with my parents and gf again and we all love it and plan on keeping it. It’s like Spotify/Netflix for Magazines. For a flatrate you can read all these magazines: Readly | Browse All Magazine Categories

Not only local magazines but magazines from all over the world in various languages (german, english, nl, spanish…).

Why pay for something if there are thousands of articles online?

Sure, there are. However I’ve found that Magazines often tend to be of higher quality as well as bettter organized, designed & formatted and this service is also totally ad-free (no "Please disable adblock). Last but not least I’ve come to find that articles on the web are quite differently written and build up than magazines. Web is often kinda nasty built to always click on smth to continue reading, next page etc but in an annoying way unlike in these magazines.

Perks of Readly:

  • Works best on Android & iOS but also PC Web version although this one is not as optimized.

  • You can check if there are magazines you like before subbing by browsing the catalogue.

  • Cancel monthly.

  • Save for offline reading.

  • You can read on 5 devices at the same time and add 5 profiles (such as Netflix profiles). Each with own suggestions etc.

  • My favourite: You can share every page in various ways. You can directly print any page to your printer or save it as PDF.

  • You can not only sort by category and search magazines by names. You can “text” search and it will search in all magazines. I was for example searching articles on the new Anno game and it showed me all magazines with the corresponding article.

  • Did I say the collection is awesome? From Gaming Magazines, to Tech magazines, Webdesign magazines, Raspberry Pi magazines, National Geographic, Travel magazines, Men’s Health, Food, Health… you name it.

If you haven’t, check it out!