Why is shared hosting & VPSs cheaper in the US but Dedis and Cloud always cheaper in the EU?

It makes no sense to me for Dedis and cloud to be cheaper in the EU while shared and Vps seems to always be cheaper in the US.

After all, vps, shared and cloud, are all products brought to live by Dedis.

Anyone here knows why?

This boggles me as well. Relatively, I’ve always thought that bandwidth, electricity, and parts are more expensive in the EU region, but damn they always get the great deals in specs vis-a-vis pricing category!

Electricity is usually much more expensive in Europe.
For example, you can expect to pay around 175€ monthly per 1kW in datacenter in the Czech Republic, which is quite a lot IMO.

One of the answers could be that while US providers like QuadraNet will give you IPs for <$1 each, most EU providers will charge at least 1€, but usually 2€+ (Except OVH). If you don’t have your own IP blocks, half of your monthly bill could be just for IPs.

So yeah, it does not really make sense.

I guess it all depends on the price people expect to pay.