Who was your first provider?

Do you remember who your first hosting provider was? Are they still around? Do you still have services with them?

I got into the hosting scene not too long ago and didn’t know my way around too well, ended up going with BlueHost. While the service was solid, the price was extremely high. Needless to say, I no longer have services with them.

My first LowEnd host was Zappie Host. Never had any issues, but had to find a different provider when his BHS location closed.


Oh man! This brings back memories.
First VPS provider was Hostigation. Tim provided an excellent service despite being a one man show for the longest time.

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I believe my first provider was Linode, some time around 2009-2010 I guess.
Before that everything was selfhosted on a “server” in my cupboard :stuck_out_tongue:

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I believe my first purchased server was from XLhost, somewhere around 2005.
I had had shared hosting before that time, from a bunch of free providers, which I really can’t recall.

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My first VPS was with Sivit, in 2007:
9eur (excl. VAT) for 64MB of RAM, 4GB of disk and 2mbps, times have changed :smiley:

Before that, I jumped from one free host to another.

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Some time ago I made a bad decision and went with nanobit.pro. They disappered few months later as many other summer host. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
…But I enjoyed their WHMCS and SolusVM design.

... and if someone is bored enough, here is my story with nanobit.pro copied from TrustPilot:


I will try to explain as good as I can my long story with Nanobit…
I have bought their VPS at 23/06/2015. One month later I decided to try their “Web Free Package”. After one and half month I cancelled it. My entire story with them took me 8 long months… With 7 horribly problems! My first month with them was fine. Everything was working perfectly. I decided to stay with them and pay for the next month. And you know what? They removed my payment option… I was forced to use PayPal. I didn’t have time to transfer my money from my banking account to PayPal. Everybody who use Paypal know that it might took even more than three days. I was forced to rapidly open a prepaid card, that I could connect to my PayPal account, because PayPal don’t accept card from my bank (long stroy). Second surprise? They don’t have automated payment system… After waiting 21 hours to register my payment I decided to open new ticket, since next day my service might be suspended. They manually marked my invoice as payed. Next month they decided to move my VPS from Germany to France… And you know what’s the best part of it? They didn’t informed me about this! Thay have migrated my server next day after my payment for next month… At 1:00 AM… They send me an e-mail at 2:15 AM, with apologies. They even f***ed migration… They assigned bad IP for me. I couldn’t connect to my VPS even via SSH. Amazing, huh? The next problem was with their FTP configuration for my website… They broke their TLS… They told me to use “insecure protocol” and that they will fix it in max 2 days. Even one week after it wasn’t properly configurated. Next they have changed a WHMCS page and removed SolusVM login info without any information. Via next ticket they told me that they are removing SoulusVM and I can use WHMCS as a my VPS panel. Someday I decided to reboot my server… It wasn’t easy… My VPS was running on like 3% of CPU. It took 8 minutes to boot. I couldn’t even use SSH correclty… One second per letter. There wan’t only problem with slow CPU. I couldn’t even run “apt-get update” without connection errors. I have recorded it, so if you are curious, PM me. I’ll send you a proof.

The thing that finally pushed me away from them? They suspended my service even after making payment. Chronological story? Here you go: They have added a “Polish Bank transfer” option, that was handled by homepay.pl… And they again f**** up. They had problems with registering my payment. I suspect that they didn’t even checked did I pay… They just suspended my service. After three days they unsuspended my service… But that wasn’t end. I knew that my server was badly configurated and if it will be rebooted it won’t boot. If they wouldn’t suspend my service, I might have chance to fix my config. So far I’m fighting with them 20 days to send me my files. They don’t replay to my tickets. They’re playing with me in hide-and-seek… After second reminder “Guys, are you again kidding me?” they cynically answered me “We are not kidding anyone as for now”.

Uh… I forgot. They f**** up another thing. They call it “fast track”. It cost 5GBP per ticket and makes your ticket get the highest priority… The funny thing is that I could manually set it to “True” while making new ticket…

… and they f*** up another thing before posting this. Their website isn’t accessable for more than half month. Ther MAIN website! Unbelievable!

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Damn… they really fucked up :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes… They really did.

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First one was 000webhost…
The first paid one was hostwinds, they were really good when Inwas with them.

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My first provider was a free one. Hosting x10 or something like that, around 2007.

Then moved to Hostgator and I stayed several years, the first paid shared hosting service I had. Until they decided to expose everything as plain text for a couple of days.

Then, I discovered LET in 2016 and managed to get my first dedicated with OVH, a Kimsufi KS-4C (I miss it now)

Finally, my first VPS with the loved ones of Virmach.

I’m a newbie.

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That was so long ago I cannot even remember.

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First shared host I paid for was 1and1 (bad decision). Used MediaTemple for a long time, which was my first intro to a host w/ SSH access, as well as WebFaction.

First VPS was with Slicehost, 256MB slice for $20/mo.

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I remember slicehost, that was a long time ago…

First provider was WootHosting. An OVZ offer they made on LEB :poop:

Well, living and learning :wink:


The local university. There were like probably 10 of us who shared that dialup pool. We had our own hours of use, and everything. Not bad for some 12 year olds who argued over which DOS terminal program was better.

Most recent reboot? Was a damn CC host on LEB. What a sack.


LE Provider? HostRail A.K.A HostFail.

I win.

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Good times.

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Haha, I had a tiny blog there… (hopefully no one finds it on the archive)

Anyway, my first shared plan was with Namecheap in 2009/10(?). The record seems to be gone from my account, but my first box was from Hostigation in 2011. My VZ was super reliable and I’m quite happy with my new anyNode/Hostigation KVM :slight_smile:

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They were abysmal, but it’s all I knew. Anybody here ever used them?

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Showing my age, but does a WAIS server on a University network count? Would have been in the 90s…