WHMCS Smart Bundle Module - Looking For a Developer

Well, guess it is time to bite the bullet and ask since I never take the time to do it myself.

I’m asking if someone here would be interested in making a small(?) module for me and my WHMCS installation.

The goal is to have one page where a user/client would fill in the hostname for a couple of services and when clicking on ”add to cart” all services are added to the cart.

Think of it as a ”smart” bundle offer.

It would be a plus if I could chose which services to include on the page from the admin side but I would still be happy if I have to edit the code to acconplish my goals.

Reason is that the bundle feature that WHMCS does is not suitable for 11+ locations as I have (more are added soon).

This would speed up the process and simplify the orders.

Of course, the other fields needed shoul be autopopulated.
Random password and the name servers fields could be set to ns1 and ns2.

Writing this at 1am with lack of sleep.

Hit me with questions and I’ll answer them when I wake up again.

This is paid work, mention your price in a private message if interested.

Deadline : before BF and CM.


That’s probably not going to happen this year. There’s a reason everyone makes you step through the mess. I can’t even think of a shitty ModulesGarden plugin that can almost-but-not-quite accomplish this without making a bigger mess.