WHMCS 8.0 Released

Hold your beers, WHMCS has released 8.0 for public now.

Post: WHMCS 8.0 Now Available | WHMCS Blog

What do you think?

I remember back in the day, a lot of providers used to wait till x.1 before upgrading so all of their addons and plugins developers would have time to catch up, and to avoid any possible major fkups in a big new release… Not sure if this is still the case in today’s WHMCS.

I’ll probably bite the bullet early. The functions I use are fairly minimal and basic, I usually make a decent candidate for bleeding edge on that.

Do it.

After you had couple of bottles.

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Well before sounds like a worse idea.

Glad I was able to guide you to the right direction.


I had better expectations from new admin theme. They just hid a few stuff and made it flat.


XD it looks like my actual theme in worse.

I’ve seen this theme very popular on versions 7.x, what makes it differently from the vanilla one?

It’s way easier to go around and to understand the whmcs dashboard. But it’s my personal thoughts so maybe it’s not the case for you but it really made my experience better by my side.