Whistleblower: Ubiquiti Breach “Catastrophic”

Krebs being one of the few “security researchers” I actually respect, he pretty well knows his stuff. This doesn’t look good.


This does read interesting. Somehow the whole thing managed to happen with me just finding out about it. (I do not have any ubiquity gear other than a few ac-lite access points running openwrt/lede - so i’m fine.)


Iirc @Solaire uses Ubiquity?

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Hmm, will have to look into openwrt/lede for the couple access points I have. Might be better/safer

Already using OpenWRT. It works like a charm.

Yeah I do use Ubiquiti, but not their Cloud connectivity :slight_smile:. I’ve heard about the breach but it doesn’t affect me in the sense that I do have an account but there’s nothing in there and I think 2FA is enabled anyway.

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Aight, gotcha! Just thought you might wanna know :slight_smile:

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Appreciate that mate!

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