Which Web Hosting Company Offers the Fastest cPanel Hosting?

Which web hosting company do you think offers the fastest cPanel hosting, it needs to be cheap and has a good price/performance ratio

Namecheap Hosting

They improved speed lately, cheap too… especially on black friday ($1 / yr Stellar Plus account)

Business hosting gives you 50 GB cloud storage, but Stellar Plus gives unlimited SSD.

Also check out their anycast DNS, very fast, works like a charm and almost free for a year on BF.

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Check out https://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/155668/looking-for-shared-hosting-check-out-my-shared-reseller-provider-comparison-chart-to-be-updated to compare. I believe there is a HB thread for this also. Couldn’t find it, sorry :frowning:

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I would assume NoSupportLinux or whatever they are called would give you the best speeds for the $1/month. Since they provide ZERO support and thus would naturally USUALLY means better hardware budgets.

Than even $5/month providers who are stuck replying to people how to setup their Iphone with their Emails.

Oh, amazing are they giving some good offers like that one on New Year maybe? Because 1$/yr is so cheap i hope that price will be on New Year sale too :slight_smile:

Thank, i will check it out :slight_smile:


There are many company offers cpanel hosting in market

or you need Best price cpanel hosting here is link you can check


Look for someone with LiteSpeed web server (you can then leverage LiteCache). Also find something close-ish to your website visitors.

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Thanks, do you have some recommendation in low-end price range?

We offer it. But we run DirectAdmin.