Which Server Would Be Better?

  1. which one is better and why ?

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Octa-Core “Matisse” (Zen2)
NVMe 2 x 1 TB


Intel® Xeon® E-2176G Hexa-Core
NVMe 2 x 960 GB
Software-RAID 1 ( SSD datacenter)

70 euros vs 88 euros but i have seen that in the benchmark the AMD is better

In my opinion, the AX51-NVME is the clear winner here. The 3700x is 50% faster (based on passmark) and all the other specs are equal. Plus it’s cheaper.

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The unique issue is the lack of Ssd datacenter in the offer. What do you think about not using nvme datacenter? How important is it? From 1 To 10?

For me, 0. But my needs likely differ from yours. If you’re using this for a business and need something reliable it should be perfectly fine. Hetzner techs are pretty quick with swapping out replacements, so if you have a drive fail on you, they’ll swap the drive out within a few hours. Then you can rebuild your array (assuming raid 1) and you’ll quickly be on your merry way.

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That’s still a very long Mean Time Between Failure for business applications. If I got business to attend to I wouldn’t accept any hardware replacement SLAs that is greater than 2 hours.

Even a RAID 1 array can “kill itself” especially if both drives have the similar run times and are from the same production batch. As they are ever more likely to brick one right after the other one.

If you’re running a business with that requirement, then surely you wouldn’t be purchasing a 70€/mo unmanaged server.


Hi Verona, and welcome (and Forza Chievo!)

I’d second Mason’s opinion; if you absolutely want Datacenter Edition disks, you could pick the non-NVME AX41, upgrade to ECC RAM as in your first post, add 2x960GB DC SSD, and you’re still @ € 81.74 Italian VAT included ; I don’t know your intended usage but unless you’re going for a winterhosting adventure, it could be pretty hard to identify a DC SSD RAID as a bottleneck even if configured as dm or lvm cache. And you have 2x2TB on Enterprise spinning rust too!
Also, you’re comparing PX62 in Finland with an AX51-NVME in Falkenstein; Finland is a little cheaper, if you pick Germany you have to add € 5 (+ VAT if applicable)
Also, AMD > Intel :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be great if for BF we were offered an option to completely customize the disk layout on those AX boxes…

Generally speaking, you’d be surprised to see how good could a serverbörse box perform: double check your requirements and you could save quite a bit

Happy Hetznering!

Exactly which unless your running a very budget oriented business you would value the premiums these SLAs comes at.

EG if I am a provider whose is making $100/hr off a beefy VPS node, I would want that beast back online to the exact minute accuracy.

Verses a business whose have a E3 node selling a couple of budget DirectAdmin accounts.

I see more than a Premium managed hosting businesses in Europe that are just managing Hetzner boxes for their customers (and I know of at least two local businesses that grab the cheapest auction boxes and fill them with their own clients)
I don’t see anything wrong as long as you have (and test) a plan B
Eventually it depends on how much you value your time into devops aka how much administering your infra is relevant for your business

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I just can’t buy anything with an Intel CPU anymore. Does that count? :slight_smile:

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They may be “end to end” management and therefore why they can up charge a box that doesn’t even goes for 100 bucks a month to multiple times over. A number of people doesn’t understand how much a high grade managed service comes at.

A system admin can only do so much. They can “make the best” of a budget data center but at the day of the day it’s still a budget data center.

Personally I wouldn’t mind a budget provider for “backup purposes” or others where “if i lost it all here at a given time I would still be likely still fine”. But I am still placing bets on a value grade or enterprise grade services for my front line operations. Depending on how much I am willing to “lose”.

Does it suck that I am paying $20/month for a web service for my pet care site that I could probably be “fine” at a say a $5/month web service? It indeed does suck that my credit card gets charged this however it would suck even more if I all of the sudden I miss out in $xx+ work orders over a few hours of provider’s darma.

Plus my time and efforts I charge an average $xx/hour so even saving any time at all at a premium class provider is so worth it over dealing with “drama” that I may otherwise would have to deal with a budget optimized provider.

Cheaper, Faster and less security issues as now. There is no reason to go with the Intel one.

Did not know the Ryzen 7 3700X supported ECC memory

Hi thank you. I have a big WordPress siete that does not fit anymore un VPS so i wish To move it To a dedicated server. No is not for a hosting. Forza Chievo

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Which server you would use for a business? 4 dígitos/monthly server?

Hi ! Yes i know it :slight_smile: