Which DNS do are you using on your devices?

Which DNS are you using and why?
I’m using Google DNS: /

and Yandex DNS /

These are the most speedy for me and my ISP/vodafone dns sux

Google’s. Easiest to remember and I’m too lazy to be bothered for anything else :stuck_out_tongue:


Google. Same reason as @Mason.

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At home?

Google, due to their uptime.

Unbound on my own nodes. DNSSEC via DNScrypt, TinyKVM nodes.

Edit, and of course Pi-hole on a NanoPi Neo on the local network.

Local dnsmasq+adblock

Also, Google.

Every once in awhile and I have a brainfart and start adding the IPs from my old NOC job of the late 90s (199.2…)

I’m working to setup Unbound + NSD on my home network. Using Google as external DNS.

Haha I do this too. I used to work for an ISP and we always recommended our customers used our DNS servers. It was pre-google DNS. I tend to use google’s DNS at home.

Using Google’s DNS. Love it.

I use PIA DNS (PrivateInternetAccess) usually other than for some reason it is currently refusing to work on my router but Google works so Google for now.

I’ve noticed that vodafone (portugal) caches DNS. Which is quite troublesome when I’m migrating websites. Changed it to google’s and beside the normal cache clearing, I also clear the cache in their webpage, worked every time so far.

1 Like! Running a pihole which then points to I think

OpenDNS (via DNSCrypt) or Google, but @Jarland convinced me to give pihole a shot so going to test that out.

What are you guys doing in order to prevent DNS reflection?
Make it available only via a VPN tunnel?
Only allow specific IP ranges?

Local DNS cache with forwarding to VeriSign’s public DNS. I get lower latency to them than Google DNS, can’t help but feel I’m being… watched less. And their 120s TTL is perfect for me who is constantly fiddling with DNS settings on my domains.

Edit: For those who wanna have a test, and
Source: Verisign is a global provider of domain name registry services and internet infrastructure - Verisign

Edit 2: Oh, and this is hella useful… Verisign is a global provider of domain name registry services and internet infrastructure - Verisign

External: Google, Level3 or Quad9. Depend how I feel :wink:

I use Unbound on 5 VPS across the globe, with IP restrictions. My VPN nodes use these as well.

Pihole + Google

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I’ve never used Vodafone’s DNS. <.<

On my home network I’m using Pi-hole, with Quad9 as it’s backend.

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