Which Dedicated Server Should I Choose?

I’ve been thinking something and would like to know your opinion. Do you think it is a good idea to change the E3 from Heymman to a E3 from Virmach?


  • 16GB RAM
  • 4 disks, a lot of hours running
  • It’s been working fine, except for some network outages.
  • Paid monthly $26
  • 4 ips
  • FDC Chicago
  • One man band maybe?


  • 32GB RAM
  • 2 disks only but more space, not sure about the hours they will have
  • Not sure how fast they will be answering technical support tickets if something fails.
  • Paid yearly $290 ($24.5/m)
  • 12 ips
  • Colocrossing. Will Buffalo network be better than FDC?
  • There is a team for support (I suppose)

I use my dedi with Proxmox to run a cPanel server, Confluence, Jira, Discourse. cPanel needs the best uptime possible. Help me to decide :slight_smile:

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holly shit… that 32GB is cheaper than my oldest cpanel reseller plan… :flushed:

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From personal experience, I would go with Virmach since the specs are better and for a better price. Though, I don’t have any experience with Heymman.


A concern is that it’s paid yearly.

@Mason what do you think?

Isn’t Virmach a pretty well known provider at LET?

I’m still in schock with the price, I pay about $330 for a cpanel reseller with 70GB HDD… so yeah…

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Got a OVZ 128MB RAM VPS with Virmach in Buffalo.

Network hasn’t failed much. But I’m not sure if it’s fast or not, but it hasn’t been down often…



Yes but it hurts my wallet a bit right now :rofl:

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…yeah I get it… specially when Xmas is just around the corner… shopping free on the horizon.

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Awesome provider, only powerful dedis. Just the network makes me cringe when it fails or when FDC makes a planned maintenance.

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In my opinion, having rented both for quite some time, I’d say the VirMach dedi is a better bang for your buck if the extra storage and ram and more important to you than Heymman’s 50TB of bandwidth, then I’d say it’s a no brainer!

Network uptime is much better with VirMach as well in my experience (no blips at all since January). Both are solid, Heymman give you better flexibility with monthly payments and such, but VirMach gives you better resources.


Grabbed one.

Fun fact: minimun wage S/ 930, Virmach E3 S/ 1012

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I’ve had 2 VirMach dedis and one Heymman. No issues with VirMach, but the Heymman server had hardware issues and they didn’t have spares…

Heymman’s good if you’re going to slam the bandwidth, but that’s about it. /28 with VirMach is nice as well.


Resurrecting this old thread just to let you know this @Virmach server has been running very happy.

I wish I can keep it for one more year but I don’t have a use for it anymore :frowning:


Someone here might be interested :slight_smile:

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Thinking about letting mine go as well. I have till the end of the month to decide/move shit.

Also billed yearly?

Yep - $294/yr.