Which Bookmark Manager You Use?

Heya guys…
…so I wanna start the year by taming my bookmarks.

The problem is that I use at least 3 browsers for different things and each end up having its own bookmarks mess. I would like to have a bookmark manager where to centralize my bookmarks. And preferably one that all browsers can feed into/from.

So I just tried Toby, but lost interest in 10m.

Any suggestions?
I’m gonna try raindrop.io next.

Let us know where you land. Raindrop does look cool.

This is something I’ve struggled with for far too long. Safe to say that bookmarking no longer means I can find something again. It’s gotten to the point where I move a bookmark to my desktop if I really want to find it again later.

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Get pocket

I’m using wallabag for now, but it’s more a read it later manager (like pocket) but it kinda does what I want from a bookmark manager

I use Pinboard, which is basic but works fine. My bookmarks are public on there, too. Pinboard: public bookmarks for Daniel15. I used to use Delicious but moved to Pinboard (as did many other people) back in 2010 when it looked like Delicious was going to close.

It used to cost a once-off fee to join, and there was also a paid plan ($25 per year) to get full-text archiving of all your bookmarks. Now it looks like it’s $11 per year for the basic plan and still $25 per year for the full-text archiving plan. Not sure whether it’s worth a yearly fee, tbh. I’ve been paying the $25 per year for a while but I may cancel it next year and look for something cheaper / free, ideally something I can self-host.

Looks nice. Honestly, I’ve taken to keeping links in Notes on iOS (Page per topic).

Esp after my server died and I lost a chunk of stuff I had on my Wiki (somehow I missed backing up the actually DATA pages … ARGH)

I’m enjoying raindrop.io
Not sure why their browser aps don’t import the bookmarks with just one click instead of “forcing” the user to export the browser bookmarks to an HTML and then import that file… but ok… not that hard anyway.

Few worthy notes.
You can add tags, change the image associated with the bookmark (take page screeshot), change the title, description…

Seems like the search looksup the tags, title and description

And they have a windows app, mac app, as well aswell as aps for all the widely used browsers… so yeah… sounds like a winner to me.

Have a go at it, but HEY, use my AFF link to get me 1 year free pro mwahahaha

/sales text over.

Now seriously, its really nice.

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I used xmarks until it started getting errors and had issues syncing with firefox months before they stopped service. A couple of months ago I found https://www.xbrowsersync.org/ which has been great. Every once in a while it will error out and I have to create a new sync* but I just keep the info stored bitwarden so I can update my browsers on other devices. I may be trying out GitHub - floccusaddon/floccus: Sync your bookmarks privately across browsers and devices soon. Both of them are self-hostable so you control your information.

Edit: *backup>sync

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Looks good, I might take it for a spin.
By the way, found this on their page…


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Yeah, I make a backup before every new sync. I actually support them on patreon because I was so happy to find something like this again after xmarks shutdown.


Oh wow, I never realized that xmarks no longer exists! I have thousands of bookmarks there that I planned (procrastinated infinitely) to purge when I get the time. Oh well, I guess they purged it all for me…

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Like real men I don’t use any bookmark manager. In fact I didn’t use any Password Manager until that thread on LET after which I tried Bitwarden and became semi real man.
Oh and I don’t use any browser extension/plugin too like real men.

This. This is why I keep coming back. Amazing. Russian “intelligence” lol

I just use chrome’s built in sync (but only for bookmarks), I guess a generated webpage would be useful…

As for password manager I self host a keepass database