Where Are the Cheap DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting Plans?

Have you seen any cheap shared reseller plans with the Directadmin panel? It was soo easy to find cheap yearly reseller plans (when we had the old cpanel prices).

So why havent we seen more cheap yearly directadmin reseller plans?

Because most hosts are still evaluating whether they make a switch to DA (or another panel) or not…and to that extent test/explore the panel first before offering deals. @Francisco would be an example for that.
Give hosts some time. There is no use in switching cp head over heels if you’re not used to that new cp. Clients that are used to cpanel will open lots of tickets and when the host himself doesn’t know their way around… it’s not gonna end good for either side. This also means securing the DA install, monitoring the resource footprint it has, looking at different feature sets etc.


That makes sense. But I hope we see some cheap unmanaged directadmin reseller accounts soon.

Like I said: Give it some time. It is certainly possible that we will see lots of cool DA offers by BF (also keep in mind cpanel grace period ends in September). There’s no reason I can think of that will not allow good DA offers. It’s just rime that’s needed.

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If you want a host that jumped right in on DA, and changes/adapts/improves things as they go you can try @Miguel DA offers. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying his quality of service is bad. He’s just one of the guys with enough experience and financial/decisional freedom to be a pioneer in shared hosting offers and thus offers DA as one of the earliest adopters. Again, that’s not bad. You can count on him to improve things over time. Just don’t expect for everything to work 100% from the get go :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @Ympker!

Right now, everything is solid and working properly - we’re always running the latest pre-release to allow our clients to try features before it’s released as general availability, feedback is necessary in order to improve new features (and existing as well).

We’re running the following stack:
DirectAdmin, MailChannels, LiteSpeed, LSCache, Let’s Encrypt, CloudLinux & Softaculous

It’s been running very smoothly.

@ra33o in case you’re interested, we do have a coupon active: 50OFF, it’s valid for every shared and reseller hosting in our website, it’s also recurring.



I am already one of your customers :slight_smile: So thanks. Runs great.


It’s a pleasure to host your websites, welcome aboard!

Should you need anything, please do not hesitate to open a ticket with us, I’ll sort you out :slight_smile: