What's Your Uptime?

I have to rebuild a server and noticed the uptime:

For $21/year is an amazing service from Inception Hosting! (too bad he’s not here at HB)

I had a similar one from HostForce but was rebuilt months ago :frowning: and that’s at $12/y.

I know is not even a year, but with those low prices: remarkable.


Online €16/month server (used to be €11).

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Aruba €1/mo UK


VirMach $10/yr

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Just why! :roll_eyes:


when you link an external image, hostballs downloads it locally and prevents you from further editing

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Very doubtful

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@discobot do you take a piss?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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I’ve got this bad boy, $2.50/mo VPS from Vultr:

Its actual uptime looks a lil bit different though:


Pretty limited on boxes with solid uptime since basically everything was restarted at the beginning of the year due to spectre/meltdown patching. My record just prior to that was ~1100 days on a Ramnode VPS.

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Real man don’t care about security patches.
Real man secure everything themselves! by looking real hard, real hard at the monitor, no hacker will dare.


I don’t patch anything, I just make sure my servers are completely inaccessible.

Pros: never hacked
Cons: never online


Ever heard of jumphost’s concept?

+1 for this. some of these higher uptime boxes are scaring me


Too bad it will be rebooted today (kernel update)

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I don’t understand: at least on KVM, don’t you guys with such long uptimes ever do kernel updates?

On OpenVZ, okay, you don’t have to worry about kernel updates.

Not if you don’t care about said VPS.

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My trusty €10 Kimsufi: image
Had to restart it due to Dirty Cow, uptime would have been ~1000 days otherwise :frowning:

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It will disconnect at 243 days :frowning: