What's Your Primary Job Duties?

Just curious what others do here to put food on the table. Don’t have to go into specifics if you don’t want to. Are you a developer? Hosting provider? Technical support personnel? Student? Etc.

I mainly do:

  • Development
    • prototypes with Python
    • simulation tools with MATLAB
    • Machine Learning workflows using Python + Kubernetes
  • Testing (Dockerizing applications and testing scaleability / portability)
  • Some Project Management thrown in there as well

Little mix of everything. I’m switching jobs in a couple months, so most of my duties will change. The new job will be more simulation and testing of networks and comms. Looking forward to the new role and learning new skills along the way.

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I’m a software developer and system admin above everything else, but my company also offers hosting (currently web only, moving into VPS as well in the near future). Project management is definitely hard as there are so many things that I want to be focusing on right now, but more important things have to come first. Still loving this job each and every day though!

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I do NOC / System Administration / Ticket Support for 3 companies, and then I also own a Design/IT company in Portugal. I start working at 9 am and get to sleep by mid night.

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Just about everything.

Used to be a tax administrator, moved to be an external auditor for a couple of years.

Last two and a half years I’ve been a financial manager at a state-owned enterprise, though I’m more in business rescue lately.

Also busy wrapping up my masters in accounting sciences degree, it’s going to be good to take an academic break for the first time.

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I’m with you there… 7/10 classes done for my Masters in Computer Engineering. Ready to finally be done with school and maybe have a little free time for personal projects / other hobbies.

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I am currently a full time student studying for my BS in Criminal Justice. I work part time at the University Police department and I do some odd jobs for my father’s project management company.

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Sysadmin/project manager/dev liaison/IT department/etc for a company that sells digital products/services. Help a little with the side business which is a web design/marketing agency, mostly high level stuff, but periodically have to get my hands dirty and migrate sites and do other general webmaster-y stuff.

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I manage what I would define as a medium sized team that interfaces directly with customers and provides insight into the customer experience to engineerings teams. You might just call them a “customer support team” but in reality they drive direction, they do far more than just support the end user in their efforts. They’re incredibly talented, best of the best, and I’m proud to work alongside them.


I’m a voice engineer by day for a big shipping company. We do the daily support of our contact centers, implementation of new features, troubleshooting of issues with the telco/network provider/etc. I’ve been here for 7 years and I’d like to do something else, but I really suck at interviews.

I also do some freelance .Net development by night (still with a focus on voice, the product I’m working with is a bit of a niche market around here).

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I’m a jack of all trades:

  • Student
  • Linux Sysadmin “DevOps”
  • Web Developer
  • MSP / web hosting provider (currently only for my clients, expanding soon to VPS business)
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Design and project management.
But what I would really like to do, is to be a porn star…


My primary job now is to implement software to help research activities in a university.

And in the afternoon I have my own business, I’m a web designer and frontend developer. Used to love that but it’s quite boring currently. I also support some local companies with their IT stuff.

Now I want to work as a sysadmin full ime :stuck_out_tongue: I’m spending too much time in forums like this one. I love to see the cores dancing.

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You can try to. There’s a niche in Portugal.

This “what do I do” thread reminded me of Gilfoyle from a Silicon Valley show:

Gilfoyle: What do I do? System architecture. Networking and security. No one in this house can touch me on that.
Jared: Ok, that’s good to know.
Gilfoyle: But does anyone appreciate that? While you were busy minoring in gender studies and singing a capella at Sarah Lawrence, I was gaining root access to NSA servers. I was one click away from starting a second Iranian revolution.
Jared: I actually went to Vassar.
Gilfoyle: I prevent cross-site scripting, I monitor for DDoS attacks, emergency database rollbacks, and faulty transaction handlings. The Internet heard of it? Transfers half a petabyte of data every minute. Do you have any idea how that happens? All those YouPorn ones and zeroes streaming directly to your shitty, little smart phone day after day? Every dipshit who shits his pants if he can’t get the new dubstep Skrillex remix in under 12 seconds? It’s not magic, it’s talent and sweat. People like me, ensuring your packets get delivered, un-sniffed. So what do I do? I make sure that one bad config on one key component doesn’t bankrupt the entire fucking company. That’s what the fuck I do.
Richard: That’s basically what I told him.

On a more serious note, I’m one of the engineers who work on developing what we hope will be a next-generation self-hosted mail, files and chat app for hosting providers. What I love about my job is that it consists of using different technologies on different platforms, so it never gets boring. For example, there are days when we write Java code for our Android App, JavaScript for a Web App, Objective-C for iOS/Mac Apps, Java/C++ for Windows App and Python for the backend. It gets hard at times when you’re stuck for several hours figuring out why 1 === 1 returns false, but in the end, it all pays off when I see people actually making use of the features that we worked hard to develop.


I luckily do a lot of different things that keep my job interesting:

  • Coding (devops to manage servers, code to support my various software projects, Ruby/Go)
  • Manage my hosting infrastructure (both colocated and rented)
  • Business development (keeping services relevant in an ever changing world)
  • Customer support (luckily I’m no longer doing the bulk of this but only when help is needed)
  • General businessy things such as doing accounting ^^

Sysadmin / L3 tech but I haven’t had a job in that area since my last job a while ago (burnt out)… I am NOT a professional programmer (couldn’t sit down and shit out code like some) but that’s what I’ve done for money in the mean time, only worked because I had already developed an application in my spare time and had a client (can’t really go into more detail). Programming and the topics surrounding it is pretty much my main hobby outside of servers/sysadmin, and not something I consider myself to be that skilled at… lucky to have had it as a fall back. Funnily enough it’s the same thing with sysadmin, hobby turned job.

I imagine I’ll to get back to my “real” job at some point, but the reality is good remote positions for hosts are few and far between, and I’m tired of inner workings of the majority of hosts that seek those positions.

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Niche as in bad porn? Hehe
I though we were friends…

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy asking him to love her. But for real, just the hosting business. So a lot of duties with customer support, as I don’t want to outsource. Otherwise it’s everything included like server setups, installation and management, unless it’s from a plan managed by the provider already. I used to do paid web development but not anymore. I have to devote some hours per week as a carer.


And we are.

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