What's Your Favorite Web Server and Why?

  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Caddy
  • Lighttpd
  • Cherokee
  • Hiawatha
  • LiteSpeed
  • $7

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Nginx because it’s practically the free version of LiteSpeed xd. Nginx + Apache is actually my more preferred setup so I can use standard .htaccess etc but have the benefits of low system usage.

thttpd. It’s been with me since the 90s, when I used it for serving static content and taking the load off of Apache.

Now it mostly survives in so many embedded projects…


That’s not web 6.0.

I know. Ain’t it great!?

I still laugh about Caddy. It only exists because Go has a webservice built in. The author had a fit and started pulling all of his tools out of the OSS community, and I haven’t heard people openly fellating him since that time.

I like Caddy. It provides a unique and simplistic way to do things. Not the top performer but, frankly, that isn’t always needed. I mean, I still run prefork Apache where performance isn’t a need, internal network stuff mostly.

Prefork is still the best when you’re running shonky PHP code.

I don’t use Caddy, because I tend to gauge software based upon it’s support. The primary author is a huge dick, and I can’t trust him.


I LOVE nginx, though the htaccess rules rewritten to nginx are just a mess I still haven’t got right, but I usually assign such tasks to the devs so they can learn it while I do something else.

My favourite web server is Nginx I got it running on ever server I got a web server on,If it just a server for static files or php based site with minimal rewrite I just use Nginx it self.

But most of the time I got Apache prefork be behind it, rewriting htaccess in Nginx syntax become
really annoying if you got a number of dynamic sites and especially in a multi user environment.

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Nginx. Well, because that’s the first Web server I started learning. Wanting to learn caddy for golang aswell, but too lazy to change from nginx reverse proxy + golang default web server combo

Use Apache and Nginx currently. I like both although I slightly prefer Nginx more for ease of configuration.


Apache has/is/was always my favourite, but having picked up a bit of traffic I’ve definitely come to realise the advantages of using NGINX.
As with all things, one picks something up and the one becomes stubborn.


Apache if other people are going to be using it, Nginx on stuff only I administer. htaccess files are easier but I’m so used to writing nginx.conf files at this point. Plus I have a library of conf snippets for SSL/php-fpm/WP/etc - anything I use a lot.

Nginx just seems to run more efficiently out of the box, but I’ve been fairly happy with Apache + PHP7 performance as I’ve used it more recently.

nginx for the load balancers, apache for the dynamic stuff and then either caddy or traefik to handle the k8s stuff. Trying to move from caddy for everything, mholt really showed his colors a few months back and taefik is a really good replacement, still rough but getting there.


I’m gonna buck the trend and say Apache… It’s what I cut my teeth on and it’s what I know I guess.

Similar story for my MTA of choice, been a postfix user pretty much since the beginning, I don’t know Sendmail and I don’t want to. :slight_smile:

nginx, it’s configurability is unparalleled. I’d probably go further and say the OpenResty fork of nginx too. Lately more and more of my boxes have had a pinch of lua code to make them work well.

NGINX. Speed - Simplicity - Extendibility.

Have to test nginx with pagespeed and cache enabler again to see if it plays well with brotli, as the last time I tested it, it was buggy.

Getting a high score on pagespeed is nice to rank a website higher, up until now I have been using LiteSpeed plus Lscache to achieve that. Maybe Ill swap back to nginx for my wordpress websites.