What's your current go to low end provider?

Not gonna lie, after getting a stable job doing public cloud stuff and getting myself a dedicated server I never felt the need to get back into the LE market. For short-timed project I could use Hetzner Cloud and for long time projects I could fallback to my dedicated server. I just kept lurking for that sweet sweet drama.

I have now moved to a different apartament and my current ISP does not offer public IP. My contract ends in about year and both Hetzner and my dedi provider charge ~3€/mo per additional IP, so I am looking for a cheap VM in europe central/west for a GRE tunnel.

After AlphaRack’s fiasco I have been hesitant to try RackNerd, but they seem to still be running. Does anyone have a VM with them? Has the quality turned to AlphaRack’s utter garbage quality?
(btw. alphasucks.com is still running, have you noticed that the thread has been moved to offtopic so it’s not indexed?).

BatuCloud offers (especially the 32GB/$55/y) seem like cociu’s wet dream and we all know how such deals end in a long term.

What would be your current go-to provider for a cheap yearly box with 1IPv4?

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Very happy with Greencloudvps KVM Budget line :slight_smile:

15€/yr: https://greencloudvps.com/billing/store/budget-kvm-sale

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