What's You Server Naming Scheme/Convention?


Hey all,

Just curious what your server naming schemes/conventions are. Any particular reason for choosing your’s?

Initially as my collection and idle brigade was amassed, I was using LOTR characters (I’m a huge Tolkien fan). Eventually decided to switch to using Roman emperors so any new boxes after a certain point stopped using LOTR names since I’m also an ancient Roman history buff.

My collection is here: https://masonr.cf

You’ll notice my home machines don’t really stick to the scheme :P.

I think I’ve seen this article thrown around before:
I don’t particularly like making the name function/location specific, but in the corporate/business-realm it would make sense.

There’s also this page to find some schemes if you’re undecided:


I just go with provider-location
I’m boring.

Would you have too many idle boxes you’d run out of LOTR characters to name with?


Lol, yeah. That was part of the decision to switch over to using Roman emperors. Especially when I got Ant and Mikho’s NAT packages last BF.


IPv6: Up - VirMach - Buffalo :thinking:

No set naming conventions beyond city or FQDN. I’m boring.


Dedi1, VPS1, VPS2, and so on…


HE.net IPv6 tunnels :slight_smile:


Fictional characters. I’ve got a very mixed bag of names


Too much work, no one uses IPv6 anyways. *ducks*


Waiting for @Jarland’s reply where he inevitably says he was drunk and named the box the first thing that came into his head :wink:


Started out with moons of Jupiter, moved to Apollo Lunar modules and then got in to docker/k8s and now treat everything like cattle instead of cats and they get named by location/primary function.


It’s pretty easy to get rocking and rolling with it. Even spits out the interfaces block based on the OS you select. Main reason I wanted it was because they are probably going to be used as pyPatrol monitoring nodes once I ever get around to it and thus will need to do IPv6 ping/tests :slight_smile:


Good to hear, I have a couple of nodes that are IPv6 only and some clients that can’t do v6 so I was looking at HE tunnels for them to get access.


I name them after food. Makes me feel satisfied just by looking at them.


Very boring :frowning: {provider}-{os}-{spec description}-{location}-{number} or hetzner-ubuntu-2gb-nbg-01 / aruba-ubuntu-2gb-01


I do it in a very organized and basic way. Do not like to invent names at all… Eg ns1/2.domain.com, db1.domain.com etc.


I have a simple method.

one, two, three, four, five, … you know.


I’m using The Hobbit characters’ names.

Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, Bofur, Bombur, Fili, Kili etc.


Yup I use https://namingschemes.com and just click on whatever feels interesting at the time.


Same here. I’m using these name scheme for all VPS under 256mb.

I also use WW2 NATO alphabets.
Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog, Easy, Fox, etc.


There are at least ~40 major characters ;-;