What your Singapore VPS provider?

Hi, like title said. what your Singapore VPS provider do you use right now ? and why choose them ?

i’m not comparing provider, just need to know why you use their service.
i’m just planning move my websites on Singapore location, that close with my visitors in Asia.

lazy enough to write, give a poll then :slight_smile:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Vultr
  • Linode
  • Leaseweb
  • Usonyx
  • OVH
  • Lightsail
  • ExtraVM
  • HostDoc
  • Other

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Cheap, rock solid.

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As soon as Vultr starts offering high frequency compute nodes there, that will be the best you can get.

They’re extending their HFC locations next year.

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Vultr might already offer them, from their HFC page :

16 server locations

Cloud compute instances are available in 16 locations worldwide.
Deploy servers on 4 continents with just a few clicks!

Looking Glass :

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