What Would You Want to See in a HB Exclusive Sale?

What is more popular here?

  • Clearance Servers (Old but good and super low price)
  • High Bandwidth Servers
  • High CPU Servers
  • High Memory Servers
  • Fast SSD/NVMe Servers

I’m new here, so curious as to what is valued more. =)



Also, when you think of Tailor Made Servers, think of the ICE SUV the servers get delivered on.


I honestly think any good deal is of value. I’d personally opt for the clearance servers.


Can’t say no to a good oldie with a super low price. :wink:

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Everything has it’s place, but I would definitely like higher bandwidth options. Just as an example, your i9 dedi has a maximum of 15TB of bandwidth, I believe? That’s definitely an interesting offer.

I would like the cheapest dedi possible for idling purposes :slight_smile:


I agree with the FAT guy.

As I always say: make us want something we don’t need but we can pay.

24GB+ RAM, dual disk (too soon for SSD?), /29. I can create multiple VMs with it that would idle for a year. Low bandwith.


HB? As in HB pencils?



Please don’t force me to buy another dedi :stuck_out_tongue:

Super cheap is what I like. Even if it’s old EOL hardware :slight_smile:


I love @TMSJoseQ

His servers…

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@Mason, well you got super cheap but the opposite of EOL. I can’t do much cheaper than that deal, even with old hardware. There is still a minimum cost to power systems, and the physical space they occupy.

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I agree. So please don’t ever bring those back into stock or I might not be able to help myself again :stuck_out_tongue:

@Mason What is “that deal”? :open_mouth:

Is it the i9 special?

Yes, that’s the one.

8gb ddr4 (+$12 32GB DDR4, +$20 64GB DDR4)
1tb hdd

Insane deal. I opted for a couple upgrades including a SSD and 32GB of memory.


Hmm I saw this too, but can’t justify myself at least $50 for an idle dedi :joy:


Yeah, I certainly wouldnt have bought it to idle it :slight_smile:

Spotted it at an opportune time when I was looking to consolidate and replace a couple machines. I’ll probably buy more shit than I should come Black Friday, but that’s a different day.


I’m on a mission to find the cheapest possible way to run my Plex setup. Including the companions like sonarr and radarr, but not necessarily the “dirty” side of things…

An entire e3 dedi from hetzner runs at about $25/month plus the $12 or whatever it is for gdrive.

I’ve discovered that my usage would require at minimum a KVM with 4 cores (and a sane but lenient CPU policy) and 6GB of RAM, plus around 60GB of storage for Proxmox etc. I’ve found a couple of ~$7 monthly that fit the bill, always on the lookout though!

The storage space for the media is the killer for me… 10TB is impossible to beat gdrive there, but am I missing something?


Well, he does dedicated servers.

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Wow I must be too stoned or something. I actually didn’t realize 2 basic things.

  1. OP is a provider.

  2. OP was asking in relation to his services.

  3. I’m an idiot lol

I thought it was in general and for HB…

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Well, it’d probably not hurt to ask around, since everyone here seems to run their own service…