What would you want in a webhost free billing software?

While Box Billing is a good alternative to whmcs, and blesta. I am currently working on TheHostingTool 2.0 and am looking for some feed back. One of the main features of TheHostingTool was the fact that it offered post2host billing. What are some of the features that you would like to see in 2.0?

Had never looked at the first version. It actually looks quite capable. I guess I’d say… reports? WHMCS reports are a favorite. At least the statistics when I log in, like how much $ I’ve made today, this month, etc.

It’s not, though.


I wouldn’t want a piece of free billing software, something that is critical to my business needs a professional team behind it and regular updates.


Like SolusVM? I mean, hundreds (if not thousands) of providers rely on SVM, which is paid software. I’ve yet to see “regular updates” and the long awaited V2.

So yeah, not all paid software has “regular updates” lol

SVM isn’t billing software, I was thinking of things like WHMCS when OP referred to billing software.

p.s. SVM changed hands again last month (was sold to Plesk, so yeah that’s not going to go well)

THT is old school cool. It makes me want to run a post to host forum like it’s the 90’s again lol

I heard about SVM being sold to Plesk, but yeah…that can’t go well.

(I really hate Virtualizor, so I hope Plesk doesn’t kill it or something.)